Kate Middleton Opened The Natural History Museum Treasures Gallery

Kate Middleton Opened Natural History Museum Treasures Gallery

On November 27th, Kate Middleton opened the National History Museum’s new Treasures Gallery. Wearing a stunning green silk Mulberry dress and sporting a fresh set of bangs, the Duchess of Cambridge gave a speech before receiving a personal tour of the gallery. The next morning, Your Coffee Break was there to take a look at the incredible new collection!

The collection showcases 22 of the Natural History Museum’s most significant objects, including some valuable pieces which the public has never had access to until now. Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum, stated: “The opening of Treasures represents an exciting future for the Natural History Museum. By inviting the world to explore the highlights of our world famous collection in this permanent gallery, many generations of visitors will capture their own unique insight into our natural world.”

Officially open since November 30th, the Treasures Gallery is now a permanent feature at the Natural History Museum.

Tatiana Kombo

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