Brits Typically Wait 4 Months Before Saying “I love you”

Easy lovers are throwing themselves head first into new relationships, snogging on a first date and not beating around the bush when it comes to sex, according to new research.

In the digital age people have come to rely on getting the things they want quickly and dating is no exception to this. The days of long drawn out courtship are over, with modern day couples meeting and progressing through the relationship milestones faster than their predecessors.

However, despite this change up in the way couples are conducting their relationships, it’s nice to see that some traditions remain firmly in place and couples are still falling back on the basics of romance, gifting flowers, chocolates and other trinkets in the early stages of the relationship.

A survey of 1,002 British adults carried out by, the UK’s leading online florist, has revealed that almost two thirds of Brits say they would go in for a snog on a first date. The research revealed that almost 1 in 3 adults are willing to have sex with their date on the first meeting, if the date goes well.

Almost half say they would wait for the second or third date before doing the deed, while 16% say they would rather wait for the fourth date. The remaining 11% said they would wait for five dates or more.

According to the research, Brits want to say those three magic words before meeting their partner’s parents, and typically say “I love you” after four months of courtship.

The research revealed that Geordies were the most likely to snog on a first date, with 79% of residents in Newcastle saying they would.

Scousers were the second most likely to followed by Mancunians. Completing the top five were Brummies and those living in Brighton.

Perhaps not surprisingly, men are more likely to go for the snog on a first date.

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