How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photoshoot

As summer is fast approaching, that only means one thing… wedding season! If you’re hosting a summer wedding, this will hopefully inspire a day filled with beautiful memories, family, friends and photos that tell your story for years to come. However, to host a sublime wedding it’s essential that you celebrate and enhance every milestone, including your engagement shoot.

This will be your first intimate step in wedding planning, an exciting moment that shouldn’t be overlooked. This day can be truly magical and with some simple tricks from the experts, you can make the most of it.

To help you plan a faultless engagement shoot, we joined forces with the team at Abraxas Photography who have outlined their top tips.

1. Choose the right location.

Firstly, rule out the wedding venue itself. Pick somewhere completely different to give you separation and a different story to tell between your photos. Glamorous holiday destinations are always a popular choice for they boast consistent sunshine and beautiful scenery, but you’ll benefit from thinking outside the box a little… Pick a location that means something to you! Perhaps it’s where you got engaged or where you share special memories; wherever you choose, ensure its somewhere that best describes you as a couple.

2. Don’t try and practice your shoot.

From a photographer’s perspective, this can be somewhat of a nightmare at times. Engagement and wedding day photographs should be spontaneous, capturing incredible candids. Resist the temptation to practice your poses or how you want your photos to look. Trust your photographer, they’ll make you feel comfortable, producing stunning images with ease.

3. Be natural with your partner.

As mentioned, being candid is what makes any photoshoot stand out and having a natural presence is the key ingredient. However, attempting to replicate ‘candid’ shots that you’ve seen online will leave you slightly missing the point; if you know you’ll struggle to embrace the moment without focusing on the shoot at hand, then ask that the photographer shoot you as you go about your typical, natural routine. For example, whilst enjoying a dog walk or lounging around your home! These will create some wonderfully simple, personal photographs.

4. Choose a photographer who directs you and ask the important questions.

During a photoshoot, your relationship with the photographer is vital. You want someone you can get along with, trust and ultimately feel comfortable around. It’s no secret that we can all become camera shy, especially with something this personal, so pick your photographer carefully. Take the time to research and speak with your photographer about what you’re hoping to achieve, their photography style and essentially what you can expect both on the day and after the shoot; consider their estimated editing/processing period and the quality of the finished products, asking to see samples if necessary.

5. Bring props with you.

Not only do props add character, personality and an element of fun to your shoot, they help you relax. Umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, necklaces, you name it! Props are an incredible way of giving your engagement shoot an identity unlike any other. You can even mix things up by bringing items that are personal to you; whether that’s other photos or things you’ve made for one another, they all help tell your story.

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