Can’t Move On? 6 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

It may have been a mutual decision. It may have been you. It may have been them. No matter how it happened, you now have an ex‑partner, so the question remains, how do you get over them and move on as soon as possible? Is there a cheat‑sheet?

Based in Harley Street and High Street Kensington, Fiona Lamb specialises in helping her clients navigate anxiety, emotional eating, and addictions by using a variety of bespoke hypnotherapeutic treatments.

Today Fiona is bringing us six ways to get over an ex‑partner:

1. Allow yourself to be sad

You don’t have to suppress the emotions and become a statue to get over an ex. But equally, don’t wallow. If you suppress your emotions, it’s going to take more energy to hide from them. Don’t be scared to be sad or try to hide it, it doesn’t make you weak. Let yourself be sad but then know when enough is enough and when it’s time, pick yourself back up.

2. Don’t isolate yourself

You might be single now, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Surround yourself with good vibes from your friends and family; reconnect with them and spend time with them all.

3. Build up your life with new experiences

Have a hobby you never had the time to explore while in that relationship? Explore it. Had an idea for a business you didn’t have a moment of time to pitch? Pitch it. Use this new era of your life to reinvent yourself and challenge yourself. Your relationship was not your life; it was only one of many moments of it all.

4. Don’t take the break‑up too personally

As much as it’s easy to victimise ourselves, know it simply was not meant to be.

5. Have faith you will meet someone and don’t panic you’ll run out of time

There’s no need to panic! Have faith in the timings of your life.

6. Take time off away from social media

It can be oh‑so easy to stalk an ex or compare your life with others. Become a digital nomad and take a break to work on yourself.

Amy Smith

With a degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge, Amy is a freelance writer and columnist. At YCB Magazine, she writes about all things lifestyle, travel & wellness.

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