A Guy’s Guide to Dating in the City

Dating in the city can be stressful… as you swipe through an endless number of potential dates and face the staggering costs of city-based bars and restaurants, the fun in meeting someone new can become a little difficult to trace.

Meanwhile, you’re left battling numerous new-age dating dilemmas… do I call or text? How long before I call? Is a sit-down meal too serious? What if she looks different in her photo? Dating is certainly no simple feat and the chaos of city living only multiplies this pressure; with access to an exciting variety of venues and events, you inevitably feel the need to get your date spot on.

Fear not, this isn’t an impossible task! With a little help along the way, you’ll find that dating in the city can be both simple and enjoyable as you discover a limitless variety of unique dates on your doorstep. 

1. Be honest

All a guy ever wants upon meeting his date for the first time is honesty, predominantly with regards to a potential second date. Feel free to discuss your feelings openly, along with your hopes for the future and what it is you’re looking for (knowing what you want is certainly nothing to be ashamed of!) This way you won’t waste your own time, or that of your date! You’ll enjoy your date a whole lot more if you’re relaxed and open.

2. Reciprocate questions

The social norm is for a guy to take the lead on a date, from opening doors to paying the bill. However, when it comes to communication during the date itself both parties should be equally invested and engaged. The chances are you’ve both finished a long day at work and more often than not, you’re meeting on a Friday night. Working in the city can be incredibly draining, so no one wants to be left playing entertainer! Relax and don’t overthink the conversation, simply ask what they do for a living, where they’re from, what they hope to accomplish and let the conversation develop organically.

3. Plan unique and exciting dates

London is a city that allows you to excel beyond a typical restaurant meal. There are a vast amount of activities you can do, many of us simply aren’t aware of them! This is the beauty of city living, nothing is out of reach, you simply need to discover what’s out there.

From axe throwing to zombie escape rooms, you needn’t ever run out of refreshing date ideas. Guys who plan the first date don’t always go for the norm, and usually these turn out to be the most successful. Trying something new is a way of letting your hair down while you get to know each other in a bubbly environment.

4. Don’t over-research

There’s a fine line between finding out a few facts about your date beforehand and simply stalking them. It’s natural for you to chat with your mates about an upcoming date as you endlessly scroll through their photos, but it’s important to find a healthy balance. Doing too much research can leave you with a misplaced preconception about your date before you give them a chance to enlighten you themselves! Half the fun of dating is getting to know the person sitting across from you, if you know everything before you even sit down, chemistry is unlikely to develop naturally.

By: Charlie Spokes, founder of ‘My Friend Charlie’

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