Why Love Island Has Such a High Success Rate

Love Island has exploded onto our screens again this summer, enticing over 3 million of us Brits. However, this dating show doesn’t just provide a few months of fun, instead, the hit series actually boasts an incredibly high success rate; with previous couples now engaged and proud parents, it seems the show’s format can teach us something about successful dating tactics.

Despite Adam having been slammed by Woman’s Aid and ‘Muggy Megan’ criticised for turning on Laura mid-series, there are a number of love lessons we can take from Island life; as seen from the multiple wedding announcements and baby births following previous series. From the benefits of group dates to the importance of unique ideas and confidence, this firm favourite could prove to turn your dating life on it’s head… it certainly wouldn’t be the first time this show has transformed lives.

Dating expert Charlie Spokes from unique dating website ‘My Friend Charlie’ outlines 3 love lessons we can learn from Love Island, helping you to find the same relationship success as it’s previous contestants. Rest assured, they’re loyal fans of the show and won’t have missed a trick

1. Take risks and be brave:

If there’s anything we can learn from this year’s Islanders, it’s that following your gut is often the key to finding happiness; evidently, playing it safe won’t always lead to long-lasting romance. After weeks of being content in his coupling with Laura, Wes controversially decided to abruptly end the relationship and confess a crush for Margot Robbie look-alike Megan. As viewers watched on in dismay, many of us were convinced that this instinctive and somewhat rushed decision could only spell disaster.

However, we’ve since been proven wrong and as Megan famously asked Wes to be her boyfriend we were all forced to admit that sometimes, we must put our own feelings first and be brave; sticking with the status quo might be the easier option, but this may not be what we need. Ignoring the opinions of our critics and focusing on our own wellbeing will help you to rediscover lost confidence, finding a truly perfect match.

This is a lesson proved time and time again on Love Island, as notorious Islander Adam’s harem of partners ended controversially with Zara, who’s now his girlfriend on the outside. Similarly, during the second series of the show, Scott called it quits with previous Miss Great Britain Zara Holland for new girl Kady; the two followed to remain in a committed relationship for two years.

2. Rely on your friends for support.

The majority of Love Island fans this year are in love with Jani, sorry, Jack and Dani. Together from the very beginning, this loved up pair seem unbreakable and have refreshed our belief in true love. Although, Dani and Georgia have meanwhile captured the hearts of the nation with their blossoming friendship. Dani has found herself regularly giving invaluable advice (solicited or not), calling out Georgia when she’s behaved inappropriately and being a shoulder to cry on as she inevitably reaps the consequences of these mistakes; she’s proved that a friend’s advice really can be invaluable.

When we encounter relationship hurdles, it’s important to feel we have friends or family we can rely on. A support network will help to pick you up and dust you off; often, all we need is a little third-party perspective and our relationship will be back on track in no time.

Love Island’s emphasis on friendships is something that’s followed through each series; last year, Olivia Buckland and Cara Delahoyde (who are both now engaged to their partners from the show) formed an unbreakable bond which continues to go from strength to strength. Cara recently joined Olivia in Mykonos for her bachelorette party.

3. Group dates are always a good idea

Dating can be daunting, with or without the bombshells that regularly enter the Love Island villa. However, this year’s Islanders and the close friendships they’ve formed can remind us that we needn’t go it alone; just as you can go to friends for advice, they can also help your dating life in live-action.

Love Island producers each year allow Islanders to go on group dates; from the couple challenges to dinners for four and speed dating, it seems this increasingly popular tradition has even reached the villa. Channel this in your own love life; if you get stressed at the prospect of a first date and the intensity this can bring, then opt for a fun group date… these needn’t just be dinner or a quick drink, there are many unique events held across London, designed to bring you closer to your perfect match.

Diana Simpson

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