Men Are Better Off Married!

Married men earn almost a third more than single men

Getting married is an expense, there’s no doubt about it. But is being married good for the wallet? Do you benefit in your health as well as your bank account? What about your social, emotional and psychological health too? We take a closer look and ask, “Is marriage really worth the trouble?”

Being married is supposed to bring you joy, but can it also bring you benefits for your health and your bank balance?

Marriage is often joked about as being an expensive agreement. The “ball and chain”, the “old man”, the “nagging wife”…is it any wonder that many people are concerned that there aren’t any advantages to being legally tied together. Well, it so happens, that there are, and there have been lots of studies showing these benefits.

Academics at the University of Bielefeld in Germany found that married men earn almost a third more than single men.

In the USA, the Institute for Family Studies found that married men made around 16,000 USD more than their single peers. They aso found that the typical fifty-something married man has three times the assets of his unmarried peer.

But it’s not just the financial reasons that make marriage a good bet. There are also many health benefits to being married. Research suggests that married people enjoy better health than those who are single. A research team from Duke University Medical Centre discovered that those who never marry are more than twice as likely to die earlier than those who had experienced a long, stable marriage throughout their life.

Dario Maestripieri, Professor in Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago stated: “Marriage has a dampening effect on cortisol responses to psychological stress, and can therefore act as a buffer against stress.”

Further, a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology suggests that “Married people may be better off financially, live healthier lives and have more friends and social support, all of which promotes health.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered whether it would be best for you to stay single or enter wedded bliss, check out this infographic which delves into some of the results of recent research, showing just what the improvements in your life might be. It turns out that there are many psychological, physiological, social and emotional benefits, as well as support to your earnings and income. Definitely worth a closer look!

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