Average Brit Spends £41 On Valentine’s Day

Average Brit spends £41 on Valentine’s Day

How much money should you spend on Valentine's Day

Yes. Valentine’s Day made us want to spread the love here at the YCB HQ and it appears that our fellow Brits were happy to spread a bit of Valentine’s Day cheer too. This year is already starting to fly by and we literally can’t believe that February 14 has already come and gone. However, as we love love here at Your Coffee Break, we decided to share the results of an interesting survey we came across that looks into Valentine’s Day habits. The study revealed that the average Brit in fact likes to shower their near and dear with love and spends £41 on their loved ones, with men outlaying more money than women.

According to the survey, men spend 36% more on their partners for the romantic holiday, coughing up £50 in comparison to the £32 women spend on their husband or boyfriend. Although there is a significant difference in the values spent, over 50% of females would be annoyed if their partner forgot to buy them anything at all, despite spending less than their male counterparts in return.

The study conducted by Ladbrokes Casino to coincide with their launch of the ‘What Romantic Are You Quiz’ has found many contradictions in the behaviour of women when it comes to Valentine’s Day, with a third of those surveyed only buying their partner a card rather than a romantic gift.

Whereas the male shoppers tend to spend more on their girlfriend or wife, just to keep them happy.

Although the average male spend stands at £50, the survey also found that 10% of those asked would spend over £100 on their other half by buying them lavish gifts to celebrate their love. The likes of vacations away, Rolex watches and designer handbags are amongst many items being purchased in the build-up Valentine’s Day (Yikes!). The spend by British men is much lower than that of American counterparts who spend an average of $190 on their partner!

A spokesperson from Ladbrokes commented: “It seems men have the raw end of the deal for when it comes to Valentine’s, having to pull out all the stops and spend up, yet the majority of women are just buying cards.”

“It’s also interesting to see what gambles people take when it comes to proposing, the ring seems to be a no bet, whilst cutting out tradition like asking parents is a gamble people are happy to take.”

Chocolates came in at the number one spot for the most popular gifts bought this 2/14, with going for a romantic meal and a bunch of flowers coming in second and third respectively. Interestingly however, just buying your partner a Valentine’s card was the fourth most popular present, supporting the third of women who feel a card is enough to show their love.

Of those surveyed, many admitted to buying their boyfriend/girlfriend a relatively bizarre gift with the likes of a pair of clogs, a shed and even a certificate for an adopted penguin making the top five.

Sidenote: One gift that should definitely be avoided at all costs is proposing to your partner on February 14, with a huge 60% saying they would hate to get engaged on the most cliché day of them all.

What did you get your boyfriend/girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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