Tips for Moms Whose Kids Do Not Obey Them

Being a mom is exceptionally challenging. You try your best to be the mother that your child loves, but you also need to be stringent with your rules to instil discipline. The worst part is that between you and your partner, you usually end up becoming the bad cop. Some parents are lucky to have obedient kids, but there are a lot of them who are not. If you have problems making your child obey you, these are some tips to consider.

Always get up before your child

You need to wake up early, have some peace and quiet before the day begins since it gives you time to do whatever you want without your child around. Sip some coffee alone, read the morning news, go out for a run if your partner is at home, do some writing… whatever tickles your fancy. Sometimes, being a mom is so stressful that you forget yourself. It also allows you to stay positive before you even begin dealing with your child.

Spend time talking to your child

Another reason why it is difficult for some moms to make their child obey is that they always get angry. They do not even know what their kids are doing or what the reasons behind their disobedience are. When you have the chance, you need to sit and talk with your child. It does not have to be about problems at home. It could be about anything in life. The goal is to allow your child to continue opening up to you.

Explain your rules

Your child does not follow what you say not because the rules are terrible, but because your child does not understand why you need to set those rules in the first place. They might be too young to understand your intentions, but there is no harm in explaining. If your kids are a bit older and you want them to stop using their phones, for instance, you need to tell them why. Talk about how detrimental excessive phone use is to their health. If you ban them from going out with friends for a while, you can talk about the need to focus on doing well on tests at school first.

Reward positive behaviour

The idea of rewarding excellent behaviour might seem far-fetched for a lot of parents. They think that kids should obey their parents and obedience does not deserve a reward. However, there is no harm in giving rewards at times. When you see the struggle of your child, but they eventually obeyed, you can at least provide a pat on the back.

Calm yourself down

Before you get too stressed out that your child does not obey, you need to find a way to calm yourself down. You know that your anger will only worsen things. Count to ten until you can hold your words back. Breathe in and out to help you stop from uttering hurtful words.

Look for alternatives

For instance, if your child cannot stop using their phone and you know that it is detrimental to their health due to radiation emissions, you can use protective devices like the ones sold at Life Energy Designs. You do not need to fight all the time if there are other ways to deal with the problem.

Hopefully, you can improve your relationship with your child so that obeying you will not be a problem anymore.

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