The Rise of Online Bingo in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been a country where bingo was appreciated by large swathes of the population. Until recently, the vast majority of bingo players were elderly people who got together at brick-and-mortar locations to share their passion for the game. The advent of online bingo sites led to a migration of players to the Internet, where the game now has significantly more supporters. In 2020, the pandemic accelerated this trend and the rise of online bingo in the UK is expected to continue in 2021.

The bingo market exceeds 1 billion GBP

Bingo is popular in other European countries and also has plenty of fans on the other side of the Atlantic, but its popularity is unmatched in the UK with hundreds of new bingo sites listed on the comparison portal. The market is estimated to have crossed the threshold of 1 billion pounds and the forecast for 2021 and beyond is also positive. This combines the revenue from online and land-based games, but a significant percentage is represented by Internet activities. This trend is growing stronger by the year and most of the new players are drawn by online games.

In addition to dedicated bingo rooms, the game is now available at online casinos, along with a collection of games by various other other Internet gambling operators. They were quick to realize the upsides of adding bingo to their portfolios, given the high number of enthusiastic players ready to pick it up. The game can be played for free at all these operators, as they offer bingo in demo formats to new and existing members. Virtual currency is offered and replenished indefinitely, so those who play here are not pressured into making a deposit.

There are other incentives offered to those who have switched to online bingo, such as bonuses and ongoing promotions. The rise of online bingo in the UK can also be linked to the abundance of such offers, as online operators compete for a limited number of players. Only a fraction of those who played in land-based locations have moved online before the pandemic, yet their number has surged recently.

Casual bingo players thrive online

Bingo is celebrated as a recreational game for casual punters, so it is enjoyed mainly by people who regard gambling as a pleasant pastime. Whether they bet real money or stick to virtual currency, they appreciate the convenience of playing online. They don’t have to leave the comfort of their home to play and can simply turn on their computer or pick up a handheld device. Smartphones and tablets are perfect for running the game, as it works smoothly and looks great on their smaller displays.

It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of players find no reason to go back to land-based bingo, once they have realized the advantages of the Internet variety. 30-ball, 70-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball versions of bingo are just one click away and they are just different enough as to keep players entertained. Casual players also enjoy the opportunity of talking to their peers, something that is insured by the presence of live chat rooms.

Sophia Anderson

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