From Your Living Room to the Bingo Room – Deal or No Deal Bingo

Whilst Deal or No Deal no longer graces the screens of our living room televisions, well unless you’re watching re-runs, of course, the Noel Edmonds-hosted classic game show still heavily features on online casinos. There’s Deal or No Deal-themed Blackjack, Slots, Scratchcards, and even Bingo, which you can play here:

And with that, it’s the latter that we are going to look at today. Read on to find out more! 

Deal or No Deal Bingo 90

Just like any game of 90-ball Bingo, Deal or No Deal’s tickets are an individual grid of 27 squares, made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four black squares – meaning 15 numbers appear on every ticket. 

The prizes on offer in each game of Deal or No Deal Bingo 90 have a minimum guaranteed amount, but the actual prizes given out at the end of the game are determined by the number of tickets purchased. Simply put, this means, the more tickets in play, the bigger the prizes will end up being.  

There are four prizes to be won in this exciting Bingo game – 1 line, 2 lines, Full House and the Deal or No Deal bonus feature! If you’ve never played Bingo before, then don’t worry, as we’ll explain to you how to get the best out of the game, and bag that win. The player who is the first to have all their numbers drawn in a horizontal line on the same ticket wins the 1-line prize. To win the 2-line prize, the player must have all the numbers called on the same 2 lines of the same ticket. The winner of the Full House – or Bingo – prize is the first player to fill in every number on the same ticket. 

The player, or players, who win the Full House prize will also qualify for the bonus feature, where they will go head-to-head with the Banker. At the beginning of every game, players will see a box automatically chosen at random from the 22 other red boxes. This box will become the ‘Player’s box’ and will be placed on the table next to the old-school black telephone – just like on the tv show. The remaining 21 boxes will then be randomly allocated a number between 1-90. If this number is drawn during the game, then the box will be opened to reveal an amount. However, keep your fingers crossed that it isn’t a red value, as this will be removed from the prize board. 

When the Full House prize is won, the Banker will make the winning player/s an offer, which they can choose to accept or swap for the mystery box picked at the beginning of the game. All remaining players will be given 10 seconds to vote on whether the Full House winner/s should accept the offer or swap. The player/s will then have a further 20 seconds to make their mind up. If they accept, the Banker’s offer gets added to their Full House prize, if they decline, they pocket whatever is in the red box. There are a few exceptions, however, so be sure to read the T&Q’s beforehand. 

That’s not all, there is also a jackpot up for grabs – which is initially funded at a whopping £10,000! Should the jackpot be won during your game, only players who have staked in the jackpot winning game at the beginning are eligible. If you stake in the jackpot game, then you will win a share of the prize, based on the number of tickets you buy compared to total number of tickets sold in that game. 

The winner/s of the Full House will receive a 50% share of the jackpot, plus their share based on the number of tickets they purchased. The remainder of the prize will be shared amongst the rest of the players. 

—If you fancy something a bit quicker, then why not Deal or No Deal Bingo 75? It also boasts a jackpot – which starts at £7,500 – plus a thrilling bonus feature!

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