What is the RTP of Online Slots Compared with Bingo Games in the UK?

Slot machines might seem simple enough, you pull a handle and then the reels spin. The end result? You will either win, or you will lose. This is the basic experience, but when you look under the hood, you will soon find that there are actually a lot of differences between slot machines and other types of casino games. If you want to learn more, then simply take a look below.

Traditional Slot Machine

When you look at traditional casino slots, or the Class III machine, you will soon find that it’s a device in Vegas. A lot of real-money slot machines operate under the Class III category. The classes come from the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Class I gaming is traditional Indian gaming and is normally part of ceremonies or even celebrations. You will get a minimal prize for this, but it is not applicable for slot machines. The Class III option on the other hand is casino-style or Las Vegas gambling. This includes video poker games, craps, blackjack and more. These are normally classed as being RNG games. The individual machine is programmed to pay back a percentage of what it actually ends up taking in. Each machine is also completely random. You actually have the same chance of winning the jackpot as well every time you make a spin.

Bingo Machines Explained

Bingo slot machines are another name that is otherwise known as being a Class II machine. At one point in history, a lot of tribes chose to band together and they participated in high-stakes bingo games. These were held in halls that were as big as warehouses. A few tribes still specialise in this type of bingo at their own casino property. It was this movement that led to the bingo machine being a Class II slot machine. The Class II slot machine is otherwise known as a computer or technological aid that is used in conjunction with the traditional game of bingo. Class II machines are normally indistinguishable from Class III. A lot of games that you see in Las Vegas can actually showcase various categories. The major difference is that the result of each spin will be based on an electric game of bingo that will involve various machines that are scattered throughout the casino. This type of machine does not use a random number generator, like a Class III machine does. Instead, when you spin the reels, you will be entered into a bingo game with other players who are playing in the casino. The end result? The bingo game happens completely in the background and it determines the reel pattern, and if you win or if you lose.

What Is RTP In Online Bingo And Slots? 

RTP stands for Return to Player. It is a single figure that essentially dictates how much cash is actually going to be returned to the player. For example, if you have money that is deposited into the slot game then the RTP will be used to find out how much is going to be returned as prize money. You will see that most slot games tend to hover around the 96% range and this means that 96% of what you spend will probably be returned to the player. The remaining 4% is kept by the house and this will help them to cover the total cost. Different games will of course, have a different level of functionality. If you look at progressive jackpots, then this will sometimes be in the millions. For this prize pot to accumulate, the RTP is then reduced and this means that the money can be returned to feed the prize pot overall. It should be noted that RTP is much lower when you look at progressive jackpots. One example of this would be a jackpot slot that has an overall 88% RTP rate. This is very different to the 96% example that is mentioned above. The 8% is then held for the main prize, or the jackpot. The main thing that you need to remember here is that as the risk increases, so does the jackpot. RTP is actually a lifetime calculation, as long as the game is played. The algorithms that make up the figure known as RTP are in a constant level of operation. This means that they will be oriented towards the 4% margin over the lifespan of the game. If you were to take a 30-day snapshot of data and if the huge prize has been won, then the RTP will usually be skewed by this event. If you measure the lifespan on the other hand, then you should be able to see RTP in its full effect.

What Slot Machines Have The Best RTP? 

The best slot games when you look at RTP comes down to opinion. When choosing your slot, you need to take into account your own personal preferences. If you look at how well you have done on a particular slot then this will help you to work out what you need to do and if there is anything that can be done to boost your chances. All in all, sometimes there will be less prizes, but they will produce much bigger amounts when they do drop. Low volatility games are much more likely to help you to win but at the end of the day, they will give you smaller amounts. 

Can You Tell If A Slot Machine Is Going To Hit? 

It is very difficult to tell if a slot machine is going to hit. If you are not careful then you may find that you end up spending way more money than you should and that you just don’t end up coming out with a big bonus. If you want to help yourself here, then you need to make sure that you are aware of three slot machine bonuses that are out there and the type of payouts as well. If you are able to do this then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a slot machine that you can make drop.

Do Slots Pay More At Night?

A lot of people wonder if slots pay more at night or not. This can be a difficult concept to understand because there are so many different types of slot and you never truly know which one is going to drop. That being said, if you play in a real casino then you may find that they drop more at night. The main reason for this is because they end up accumulating payments over time and you can end up cashing in on someone else’s hard work. If you want to win though, then you can’t count on this happening so make sure that you only bet what you can afford. 

Video Lottery

Video lottery terminals are otherwise known as VLTs. These are becoming more and more common in some US states which have a lottery operation. As you can probably guess from the name, they are video gaming machines which are run by the US state lottery. Lotteries that happen to offer these games include versions of video poker, video keno, slot machines and more. It’s pretty much impossible, in any sense of the word, to generalise how VLTs work. When you look in the US, at Oregon or even South Dakota, you will see that they can be found in similar locations to Class III machines. They operate from a random number generator. In other states on the other hand, they get the results from a processing centre. The act of randomisation takes place at a very central location and it gives the lottery the chance to be monitored in real-time. Other lotteries that have VLTs are much like video game versions of scratch cards. Every hand or spin is predetermined and it doesn’t matter how much devices like this look like slot machines, you have no control over the outcome and the only thing that you will be doing is revealing the outcome.

The problem here is that states do not go out of their way to try and reveal how their lottery or devices work under the hood. This means that it is not possible for you to work out what your winning percentage is going to be. You will pay your money and take your chance, but by understanding this, you can have fun without putting too much pressure on yourself to win. The best thing about slot machines being random with no strategy is that they give anyone the chance to play without having to have a specific strategy. You won’t have to worry about just jumping on and having a quick game.

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