How to Develop an Understanding for Art with Art Storie

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the following scenario: you’re sitting in the midst of a sophisticated dinner party and the topic of conversation turns to art. From Leonardo da Vincito to Elizabeth Siddal, the names of Renaissance and Romantic creatives are being discussed amongst your fellow diners whilst you remain deafeningly silent. Unfortunately, your art education never quite progressed since your school days. As a result, the skill of being well-versed in the most important expression of human creativity is now one which you lack. Don’t worry – it’s never too late to start learning! Perhaps an interest has recently been sparked in you which you’re looking to develop. Alternatively, you may be an original art-enthusiast looking to brush up on your knowledge. Either way, here’s how to develop and maintain an understanding of art with Art Storie, the digital platform that dives deep into the history of art and the tales it uncovers.

Improving Critical Thinking 

To begin, let’s make it clear that the benefits of a deep knowledge of art go far beyond sounding impressive over a dinner table. From improving your critical thinking to helping you master interpretation, developing a comprehension for art is incredibly fulfilling self-development. It can help us to not only make better sense of our own lives, but to identify with the lives of others too. With topics ranging from ancient masterpieces to modern-day expressionism, the experts at Art Storie have proven to be successful in providing quality art education to everyone in order to develop their own critiques and interpretation methods.

Making Cultural Connections

Through pairing art study with history, the Art Storie team helps their students build a greater connection with others across a wide variety of centuries and cultures. The expert lecturers that deliver the on-demand or live courses cover multiple topics; from Western art canon to Asian and Byzantine subjects. This in turn, makes it easier to gain a comprehensive understanding of art history. These lessons are accessible for everyone, meaning they require no prior knowledge whatsoever. So don’t fret if you’re a beginner- we all have to start somewhere! If you are interested in the American Indian culture, you may visit an online american indian art auction.

Building Appreciation 

Have you ever decided to visit an art gallery one particularly fresh Sunday morning, only to discover you have little to no idea about what you’re actually lookingat? Strolling mindlessly from one painting to the next, we don’t blame you if you begin to reconsider your plans for the day. However the more you understand something, the more you can truly appreciate it, and this is certainly the case here. Once you have learned the story behind the paintings, the craft behind the various techniques used, and the history of the artists, there’s no denying that your interest in the beauty of art will pique.

Finding the Time 

These days, a large obstacle in the way of those looking to further their education is, of course, the lack of precious time. With work commitments, busy schedules, and families to look after, many struggle to commit to set timetables of lessons. Especially if these lessons require sitting in traffic or on public transport. 

Luckily, the founders of Art Storie, Yulia and Elizabeth are two passionate art professionals committed to creating an online space filled with diverse cultures where the beauty of art and its history is accessible to anyone and everyone. That means there is no need to travel or pay expensive admission fees. So, you can conveniently dive deep into the history of art at your own pace and time, whether you’re a morning learner or a night owl.

Joining a Community 

With an array of topics ranging from Pre-Raphaelite female artists to the life and works of Leonardo Da Vinci, you will learn from the leading expert art lecturers from around the world and explore a variety of cultures, styles and techniques throughout history with them. From new-found art lovers, historians and art critics to artists, gallerists and educators from around the world, by joining Art Storie, you are becoming a part of a community of art lovers from all over the globe. 

To conclude, enlightening yourself in the world of art is an act of self-development that will benefit you in many ways. While it may seem daunting at first, taking the first step to uncovering all that art has to offer is made beautifully effortless thanks to Art Storie’s easily-accessible courses for beginners and experts alike. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing knowledge or uncover the various art movements in history, there’s no better time to broaden your horizons.

Josie Wilkins

Josie is a Journalism graduate from Galway, Ireland. In her free time, she writes for her blog, Naturally Fuelled (@josiewilkins on instagram). When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing the one song she knows on the piano, 'I Giorni', saving the postman from her aggressive Shorkie, and defending brussels sprouts as an all-year-round snack!