Moonpig & LEGO Encourages to Celebrate Mums with the Gift of Free Time

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, families everywhere are likely scratching their heads wondering what the mother figure in their life would like, and this year it’s not what you’d expect. New research has found that this year all mums really want is the gift of time, with over half saying they’d want to spend this time with either family or more specifically their children.

The findings by Moonpig revealed that more than one in ten (16%) also said time spent making new memories with their children is the gift they’d want most for Mother’s Day, and when asked what they enjoy doing most with their children 17% said building LEGO sets was up there as one of their favourite things to do. 

The gift of free time also spanned other desires for mums in the UK, as more than half admitted they wish they had more free time to themselves, with 40% of respondents getting an hour or less to themselves in an evening. Simple pleasures like reading a book, or watching TV came top of the list of how they’d spend this additional free time. While almost one-third said doing a hobby or creative activity like building a LEGO set was also top of this list.

So, to give mother figures across the nation exactly what they want this Mother’s Day, Moonpig & the LEGO Group have teamed up to create the “Time Tokens for Mum” booklet. Available exclusively on Moonpig, the booklet features a series of tokens that can be filled in by partners (or the kids) to pledge to give mums time back to enjoy themselves however they want. 

Whether that’s giving the 22% of mums who said they’d like to spend their spare time taking a bath, doing a hobby, or even practising mindfulness. The new limited-edition booklet gives partners the chance to fill out a series of blank tokens and pledge to take a task off Mum’s hands while they enjoy hours of free time to spend the day their way.

Erica Tain, Senior Gifts Buyer at Moonpig, said: “With everything they do for us, it’s important that the mother figures in our lives feel special on Mother’s Day. So, if they just want some quality time with family or simply time away from their busy schedules, let’s give them exactly that. The ‘Time Tokens for Mum’ booklet is a playful way to give them some moments of their own and enjoy the day their way.”

The ’Time Tokens for Mum’ booklet is available exclusively to all Moonpig customers when purchasing a LEGO set in the run-up to Mother’s Day, and shoppers can also snap up 20% off selected products within the range until 7th March.

Zach Leung, Brand Manager of the LEGO Group, commented“With busy schedules and a constant to-do list we understand it can be difficult for parents to find the time to reset & recharge their batteries. We know that building LEGO sets is a great way for everyone to practise mindfulness & calm the mind, & so we hope the new booklet we’ve launched in partnership with Moonpig will be a great way to help parents do exactly that this Mother’s Day.”

The study, carried out via OnePoll, found almost a third of mums wish they could have time out for themselves and drop everything to enjoy some time off, and one in five said they’d love almost double the amount of free time they currently have for themselves. Interestingly, 10% admitted they’d quite simply just like to go to the toilet in peace if they had more time!

From Mums and Grandmas to step-mums and partners; whoever the mother figure in your life is that you’re treating, Moonpig has everything you need. Alongside a wide variety of LEGO sets, Moonpig also has a full range of gifts, cards, and flowers. 

For more information about the ‘‘Time Tokens for Mum’’ booklet please visit here and to shop Moonpig’s range of LEGO sets please visit:

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.