5 Things to Do Alone at Home on Weekends

Did you have a tough week and feel like being wiped out? Did you have too many social interactions and now don’t want anyone around the next few days? Spending weekends at home can be a great idea to get the needed rest. And this is a great plan cause there are so many things you can do alone at home.

This article reveals a few ideas to spend these weekends alone with fun.

What you can do alone at home on weekends

1. Have a long slow morning

Lying in bed for a couple of hours after waking up without feeling guilty or being at risk of getting late to work is one of those small weekend pleasures within anyone’s reach. Wake up without an alarm and rushing is a great thing we cannot usually afford on the weekdays.

You can do a meditation, a warm-up of your body, or some yoga. This is a great way to boost up yourself and put your thoughts in order. Then, cook your breakfast and have a cup of coffee or tea. Act slowly by focusing only on your meal and drink without any day planning or other similar thinking.

Alternatively, you can have a homemade breakfast and then a walk to a nice coffee shop nearby. The main rule here is no rush. Enjoy your long slow morning.

2. Decluttering can be fun

Cleaning your house might seem like a tedious but still necessary task. However, decluttering is a bit different—it’s about organizing your living space more effectively. This can an interesting activity cause you need to include analytical and creative skills to succeed in this. Btw, you can check out this website for more hacks on how to improve your home space. 

You can start with your closet. Review all your items that you put on regularly and that you simply forgot about their existence. Get rid of clothes you don’t like, that do not fit you nicely, or just you feel you don’t need anymore. The things that you do need should be organized in an effective way so you don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for the needed pair of jeans or a sweater.  

3. Learn something new

Being alone at home on weekends is a good time to get new skills or improve knowledge in a particular field. Take on an online course on Coursera on a subject you’re interested in or watch a Youtube tutorial. This can be anything from a professional field to your hobby. Today, you can find a course on almost any subject, from improving data analysis skills to photography or cooking skills.

If you are not sure you’ll be able to dedicate time on a regular basis, it’s better to go for a short course or just for an hour of Youtube tutorial. Meanwhile, you can save time for such e-learning activities each Saturday. 

4. Self-care with home spa

Beaty treatment is a great plan for being alone at home on the weekend as an alternative for quick weekday showers and skin routines. Put on a new face mask, moisturize your skin, do a facial massage, had a manicure and pedicure, and whatever you want. It’s a good time to try new skin and hair products or spend time finding new ones. 

Such home treatments can make you feel better as you feel self-care which is positive for your self-attitude.

5. Movie or book is a weekend classic

Whether you like old movies from the 70s, newly released movies, documentaries, or Netflix series, Saturday night is the perfect time to find your to-watch list and choose the one that fits your mood. Make a cup of pepper tea, a hot chocolate, or pour a glass of wine. 

Meanwhile, you can spend Saturday night reading a book. This can be some non-fiction book or a classic novel, every choice is good. Reading a book can entertain you or educate you, and it has many other benefits. It is also a good thing to do before going to bed as it helps calm you down before sleep. Turn the yellow light on with relaxing music optionally and dive into a written story.

So, these were ideas of how you can spend your weekends at home alone. You can slow down and have an enjoyable morning routine, you can spend time at the home spa on or better organizing things at home, learn something new, or just watch a movie or read a book. Spending time on your own can be very recharging, so spend it with joy.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.