The Benefits of Getting an Outbuilding in your Garden

Getting an outbuilding or an outhouse in your garden is an exciting project that can add real value to your home. Below, we explain what an outbuilding is – and all the associated benefits.

What is an outbuilding?

Outhouses are an ideal way to add space to your home. They’re an additional, smaller building connected to the main building on your property, which can often be made from shipping containers in NYC. An outhouse can be seen as a detached extension to the home, almost like an upgraded shed that acts more like an extra room. Look for a Home Addition Builder if you are planning to build a new structure in your property.

Why should you consider getting one?

It doesn’t simply have to be for storage. Beyond offering more room, an outhouse can also add value to your home. Studies suggest that a stylish addition in your garden could add up to 5 per cent value to the property! Plus, they’re practical: if you’re not putting your garden to use then you can use it to create more space for items or activities that wouldn’t be possible in your main building. 

Extra room

An outbuilding essentially allows you to add an extra room to your property. Is there a hobby or passion that you haven’t been able to explore due to a lack of space? With an extra room suddenly you’ll have new possibilities for what you can do with your home.


An outhouse can be a great space for storage away from the main building, however, don’t get this confused with a shed. An outhouse will give you a waterproof and damp-proof building to store things such as electrical items without them getting damaged.

Space to get away and relax

Having an outbuilding provides you with a close-by way to get away and relax, you can introduce natural light into your outbuilding with Velux windows, creating a calming and more relaxing space.

An outhouse also provides a space separate from the home, this means that you can me louder without disturbing anyone in the main building, this is great for lounder rooms such as a gym, games room or bar.

Addition to your home aesthetic

An outbuilding can be the centre of attention in your garden, with many aesthetic styles to choose from it can take your house appearance to the next level. If you fail to design the interior of the outhouse correctly, it can feel more like a shed or garage. However, if done correctly the outhouse can look like an exterior extension of your home and can be very impressive.

An outbuilding can add a new dimension to your house. If interested, you can begin your project already by considering planning permission, and getting started on this trilling addition to your home. 

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.