Where Can You Drive Your Mobility Scooter?

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is: Where can they legally drive their scooters? There are too many misunderstandings in this regard. Car owners are often afraid of violating the regulations, and the public is often eager to criticize and complain. Commonly found in scooters.

Are electric scooters/chairs allowed on the sidewalk?

Electric scooters/seats are divided into 2 categories: Class 2 and 3. Both levels of mobile scooters/electric seats can be moved on the side of the road, but Class 2 electric scooters/seats belong to scooters. Electric sidewalk/wheelchair and category 3/electric chair is classified as street scooter/electric chair, however, you can find out more at easy pay mobility. The most important rule to remember is that, regardless of your level, you must not move faster than 4 miles per hour on the sidewalk.

Are scooters allowed on the street?

Yes. Some scooters are allowed on the road, these are level 3 scooters. These scooters can reach a top speed of 8 mph; any scooter that can move faster is considered illegal. Street scooters must have hazard warning lights, reflectors, direction indicators, and lights. They must also have effective braking systems, horns, and rearview mirrors. If your scooter is in poor condition and does not have all the necessary functions, the police can stop you.

Mobile scooters and road traffic regulations:

Many new users of mobile scooters may not know that they are legally classified as a vehicle and that they are subject to such specific rules. The type of electric scooter or electric wheelchair you need depends on where you want to use it and/or how far you need to travel. 

Scooters or electric wheelchairs are classified into “category 2” or “category 3” according to their functions; the maximum speed of level 2 scooters is 4 miles per hour and cannot be used on road, while the maximum speed of level 3 scooters The speed is 4 miles per hour (mph). The top speed is 4 mph, and the off-road speed is 8 mph on the street. Other features of the three-stage scooter are the maximum weight of 150 kg (excluding the driver) and an efficient system of braking.

How far can the scooter go?

Like the speed of a mobility scooter, the distance travelled by a fully charged scooter can depend on the scooter model. Some models can last up to 10 kilometres when fully charged, while others can last up to 11 kilometres.

On average usage, the mobility scooter battery can be used for 18-24 months before it needs to change, which can be examined during the annual maintenance period. It is important to change the battery when necessary because an old battery scooter cannot travel the distance without charging.

Do I have to reach a certain age before I can drive?

Drivers of category 3 wheelchair vehicles must be at least 14 years old. There is no age limit for Type 2 vehicles, but for mobility reasons, this may help if you are tall enough to reach the pedals. At the age of 14, this kind of vehicle is more suitable for skateboarding when there is no medical need.

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