Read this Before Buying a Vaporizer

With the ever-growing number of smokers across the globe, the methods of consumption have also grown significantly. While most users still prefer their go to fix, vaporizers have come to provide a significant alternative. Vaporizers range from small portable devices to sophisticated desktop models. Lets learn about them a bit more.

Difference between vaping and smoking

To start with, vaping does not involve combustion. While smoking, their is the intake of harmful carcinogens. Vaping involves carbonization – it heats the content to a point where it turns into vapor which is then released through the outlet and inhaled. In a way, vaping is healthier than smoking. It should also be noted that purely from a health perspective, both methods involve byproducts such as nitric oxide and tar which causes irritation in the lungs and throat.

How do vaporizers work

Most vaporizers work on the principle of convection and conduction heating. In the convective method, the content is placed in the chamber and the air around it is heated to a point where the solid mass converts into vapor. In the conduction technique, the dried mass is placed on a platform which in turn is heated to produce the smoke. Usually in the conduction method, the device is required to be shaken while used to avoid burning the content.

Types of vaporizers

There are manual and electric type of vaporizers. While most people only know electric vaporizers, there are manual versions which do not require any electricity at all. The heat is provided in the form of an external flame such as a lighter or a torch. Some have mechanisms to provide flames internally within the device. This is different from smoking in a way in which the flames are not directly applied to the content and hence there is no burning. Electric vaporizers heat the herb using a battery or by plugging it into an external power source. 

Vaporizers can also be categorized into dry herb vaporizers and oil-based vaporizers. There are still some which are capable of handling both.

Weed grinders

Weed grinders are very important for choosing the right vaporizer. A finer grate provides a larger surface area for heating and hence results in better flavors. There are a lot of parameters to be taken into account while buying weed grinders. The material, the number of chambers, the finer quality of grating being one of them. Also, take the method of cleaning and disposing of the waste while grating into account. There are electric and automatic grinders available suiting all needs. Online retailers such as Zamnesia provide a large variety of vaporizers and grinders to choose from.

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