New Online Casinos to Try Out While at the Cafe

With the continued rise of online culture, some sectors have boomed whilst others have found themselves sidelined entirely. Without a doubt, two of those businesses to experience an economic flourishing in recent years are online casinos and cafes. Whereas the first is clearly benefiting from the continued digitalization of entertainment, the latter has enjoyed a kind of indirect boom due to the fact that people simply love to work in cafes!

Think about it, you have a deadline to meet at work or you’ve finally started on that novel you promised yourself you’d write one day. So you head to your favourite local coffee shop around the corner. Whilst there, you’d be looking for ways to destress with a cup of coffee inbetween work which makes the cafe the ideal place to try out something new such as online casinos, especially with so many top casinos now offering mobile gaming from anywhere on earth. You can learn more about the best new online casinos at comparison sites such as

In this article, we will take a look at a few new online casinos to try out while at the cafe, looking at what makes them such exciting new sites whilst also highlighting what makes them ideal for cafe gaming!Let’s take a peek at the first new online casino on our list of the best to try out while at the cafe.

The Grand Ivy 

An exceptional new casino site with a truly luxurious theme, The Grand Ivy makes all new players feel truly VIP! With a stunning welcome deposit offer of £1500 plus 100 free spins, you can’t really argue with the generosity of this new online casino site.

With a huge selection of quality games from some of the finest software providers on the planet, The Grand Ivy is an exceptional place to play. Deposit as little as £20 to get started at this top online casino, where the mobile capability is as high-end as anything else available. This is great news for cafe lovers, because this casino looks at its very best when enjoyed on a smaller screen such as that of a smartphone or tablet.


Known for its seamless mobile gameplay, Casimba is a top new online casino, ideal for enjoying at the cafe. Not only does it look amazing on smaller screens, but the quality of the software used at Casimba means that this casino runs without a hitch on mobile devices of all kinds!

That’s not all, new players heading to Casimba can benefit from some of the finest promotions around, including a 100% welcome bonus up to £500 plus 50 free spins on selected slots games! The sheer variety of games here is mindblowing, with everything from slots to poker to blackjack to baccarat to bingo on offer. Truly, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you head to the local cafe and log into Casimba.

With a colourful yet classy theme and a huge range of tried and tested deposit methods, Casimba is a new casino that looks set to reach the highest echelons of the online casino industry.

Overall, it can be said that these two new casinos are ideal to try out while at the cafe due to their superior mobile performance as well as the sheer variety of games on offer.

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