Pasta Evangelists Launch New Pasta Care Packages in Collaboration With Age UK

With many people self-isolating and the government advising those over 70 to remain indoors, it’s harder than usual to visit the elderly and other family members. Many of us are looking for new ways to connect with loved ones and show them that we care. But with strict rules (rightfully so) in place around where and how we can socialise, it can feel like phone calls and FaceTime are our only options. There is also the added worry that those who are self-isolating may not be able to get access to grocery supplies because they are stuck at home without help nearby. The good news is that home delivery is, for now at least, a safe way to reach those in need. 

That’s where Pasta Evangelists come in. These folks specialise in gourmet pasta recipe boxes conveniently available as a subscription, with customisable recipe selections which change every week. However, in light of covid-19, Pasta Evangelists have teamed up with Age UK to launch their unique Pasta Care Packages which can be mailed out as a one-off purchase. 

Each care package includes three delicious recipes with an option to choose vegetarian, meat or a mixture of both. Each dish comes with easy-to-follow instructions and can be prepared in under 10 minutes.

Packages can be delivered to a loved one’s door (what a lovely gesture and surprise during these strange times!), eliminating the need for you or them to leave the house. Many stores are continually selling out of popular pasta-based ingredients and home delivery slots with supermarkets are near impossible to book. With a Pasta Care Package, you can send your loved ones a section of tasty pasta ingredients which are specially selected for them to cook at home. This will keep their food supplies topped up and give them the satisfaction of doing some simple home cooking.

However, Pasta Care Packages aren’t just for those who like to cook. For people who enjoy eating out at their local Italian, being stuck at home might make them feel like they are missing out on their favourite treats. With a Pasta Care Package, they can create their own culinary masterpiece at home. Each pasta dish takes just 5-10 minutes to prepare and the result is gourmet-style cooking without the need for an in-house chef! 

Just as an Italian grandmother would instruct, the pasta is created using the best doppio zero flour from Italy combined with either fresh egg or water to make the most authentic dough. All about keeping things simple, the doughs segment into two types; either egg dough or pasta bianca. There’s no need to use any fancy ingredients to make great dough! The egg dough is simply flour and egg (no water or salt added) and the pasta bianca is flour and water (also no salt added).

There are no additives, no bad stuff. Drawing on the centuries-old traditions of the Italian pastificio, all pasta is freshly made. Whether heavenly mouth-watering raviolo or carefully created orecchiette, each piece of pasta is unique and tastier as a result. 

This level of pasta deserves exceptional sauces and garnishes of course! Each delicious sauce evokes a taste of Italy. Think fresh pesto, toasted hazelnuts and truffle or sage butter…yum!

There are even luxurious flavours such as black truffle, Barolo wine and wild boar for the more daring pasta enthusiast.

Each recipe box is carefully put together by the London-based team to ensure that each pasta care package arrives in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed by each lucky pasta-lover.  

Pasta Evangelists will deliver packages all across in the British Isles from the Scottish highlands to the bright and sunny Brighton, so you can send them to friends far and wide. If they happen to miss the delivery for whatever reason don’t worry, because Pasta Care Packages fit through most post boxes and come insulated with ice packs. This means that the fresh pasta, sauces and garnishes are safe for hours. Each box stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 days. Alternatively, they can be frozen for up to a month and there is no need to defrost before cooking! 

Fiona Reid

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