Counting Too Many Sheep? Here’s How to Improve Your Sleep Pattern in 2020

Did you know one third of the UK population struggle with their sleep? It’s a wonder we manage to function at all! Sleep deprivation is a serious issue, and not one to be ignored. It can cause serious health problems and even result in disease and early death in extreme cases of insomnia. Sleep enables us to maintain our immune system, retain our memories, decrease the risk of adverse health conditions and even manage our hunger levels. If you find yourself constantly tossing and turning all night, then it might be time to consider action. 

Having suffered from insomnia from a young age, James Wilson, aka The Sleep Geek, felt more needed to be done in terms of the support on offer from the medical profession. He took matters into his own hands in his late twenties by training as a sleep practitioner, alongside his first-hand experience of insomnia, this gave James a unique insight into the world of sleep issues. That’s when ‘The Sleep Geek’ was born. James is now hailed as one of the UK’s leading sleep behaviour experts and assists not only individual clients in enjoying a better night’s sleep, but also household companies including the NHS and Coca-Cola in ensuring products, services and environments are created with sleep in mind.  

Keen to find out more, we caught up with James, who describes his offering as “unique in that it considers an individual’s lifestyle to help them decide what sustainable changes they can make, and its success can be seen in the thousands of people I work with whose lives have been changed from improving their sleep.”

Working closely with clients, James and the Sleep Lab team provide clear and concise programmes that are individually tailored to your personal needs. This is available for both teenagers and adults. Children struggling to sleep? James also offers an informative sleep guide that is designed to help younger ones drift off too. The unrivalled service from Sleep Lab has seen James and his team become highly sought-after, with an ever-growing customer base that includes sports teams, organisations, celebrities and the press. 

Are you a business owner? Or do you work for an innovative company that values staff members? You might be interested to learn that poor sleep costs the UK economy £40bn a year, with poor sleepers reporting low energy levels and a struggle to focus in the workplace. It’s understandable, poor sleep is hugely detrimental to overall physical health, mental health and daily performance. In response to this growing issue among the UK population, James launched the ‘Sleep Better’ campaign, a corporate offering aimed at companies of all sizes. The team work with some of the UK’s most established businesses to develop products and services to help solve their employees sleep issues. After all, a pool table or beer fridge might seem like a quirky way to treat your staff (side note: it’s not), but if they’re struggling with their sleep then this is the best investment you could make for your team! 

The ‘Sleep Better’ corporate offering includes a training programme to educate staff members who suffer with their sleep, and also offers medical advice to those who may need it via drop-in sessions, one-to-ones or seminars. With a mission to help the world sleep better, the Sleep Lab team are on hand to encourage individuals to assess their sleeping habits, and understand how they can improve their personal habits with various changes and techniques. 

Whether you’re an individual seeking help for insomnia and poor sleep, or you’re a business owner who wants to invest in their staff’s wellbeing, James and the Sleep Lab team can help you. 

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Tilly-Jayne Kidman

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