5 Ways to Achieve a Gorgeous Smile in 2020

The appearance of your teeth is of utter importance. Other than your hair and shoes, your teeth are the first thing that people notice. It’s crucial that we take good care of our pearly whites.

Isn’t it amazing what a simple smile can do? It can put other people at ease, make you look more approachable and even attract members of the opposite sex – at least judging from the words of Real Men Real Style, which attests to how magnetically attractive a smiling man can be to women.

Whatever your gender, sexuality or goals for 2020, though, you could benefit from adding “get a better smile” to your list of priorities for the new year. Here’s how to meet that goal… 

1) Practice smiling to get better at it

It’s easy to think that your smile is an involuntary reaction and so you can’t just turn it on and off as you like. However, that’s not quite true; you can actually teach yourself to be more consciously aware of your smiling… or lack of it. That would enable you to practice and so perfecting your smile.

Seeing, say, your neighbor or the postman in the morning gives you a great opportunity to get more of that practice in – and make both yourself and the smile’s recipient feel better.

2) Look after your dental health

You might already brush your teeth twice daily, as your mother taught you. However, there’s even more you can do to nail the fundamentals of preserving your teeth’s pleasing appearance.

To reel off a few example procedures, you could floss daily, use mouthwash and, all in all, fall into a permanent habit of cleaning your teeth thoroughly. Otherwise, plaque could accumulate, thus risking gingivitis, which could itself lead to gum disease and then… lost teeth.

3) Arrange for regular dental check-ups

However carefully you look after your teeth, you can’t rule out the possibility of a dental issue slipping through the net… or reaching the verge of doing so. For this reason, you should remember to regularly get back in touch with a local dental practice to arrange check-ups.

You could find that an especially reputable dental clinic group runs a clinic in your area. If you would like a check-up from a dentist in the Balham area of London, for example, Ten Dental can help.

4) Make your teeth all white so that they’re more than alright!

Another advantage of becoming accustomed with a major dental group is that they could offer an especially wide range of treatments from which you could pick if the dentist does pick up on any disconcerting issues with your teeth – or even if any such issues worry you and you alone.

While stained teeth, for example, don’t constitute a medical emergency, the dentist from Nooga Dentistry might be able to recommend a particular teeth whitening treatment if you are still concerned.

5) Keep a close eye on your teeth

From time to time, whip out your smartphone and switch it to “selfie” mode to let yourself scrutinize your teeth. If you see any food particles there from the meal you have just eaten, you can pluck those particles from your mouth. More serious issues might call for cosmetic dentistry recommended by Elle

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