Love Dramatic, Bold Art? Then These Paintings by Trine Lund are Made for You (and Your Home)!

Our latest art crush whom we cannot wait to put on your radar, has never had trouble expressing herself through her artwork, having found throughout her career that staying true to her beliefs and finding continued opportunities for growth have led her to success in the art world! 

As a young woman growing up in Aarhus, a picturesque town in northern Denmark, Trine Lund always had a strong urge to be creative and express herself through paintings. Soon enough, in her early twenties, she kick-started her career when she first began working with abstract art at a serious level.

Now 44, Trine lives in the Danish countryside outside a small town called Ebeltoft, spending her days getting subconscious inspiration from colours she sees, structures she touches, and images and associations in her mind. She finds that living in the countryside offers lots of places for peace and inspiration, whether it’s being in her beautifully peaceful garden, walking by the sea during a storm or simply hearing the waves roll in.

“My eyes are constantly seeking detail wherever I am,” Trine Lund tells YCB of finding inspiration in everyday life. “A scratch on a lamp post, a pattern in the sand or a shattered poster in the city… I never know how a painting will end. It is a constant cooperation between me and the medium, and it grows as we work along.”  

It’s clear that her process is a successful one, having been admitted to the censured Aarhus Easter Exhibition three times throughout her career. The exhibition reflects upcoming contemporary art and artists, and only a small percentage of applicants are accepted. It’s a point of pride for Trine, who also has a showroom in the most northern part of Denmark, a beautiful seaside town called Skagen, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each summer. Not only is she represented in the Galleri KBH Kunst in Copenhagen but Trine Lund is also in the midst of getting her artwork across oceans to be showcased in an art gallery in downtown Tribeca in New York City. 

Trine Lund’s paintings are bold, mostly colourful and dramatic, which we love! Instantly adding a statement to any space, her work is sure to turn a few heads of admiration when having guests over for dinner. Channeling your inner art expat has never been easier! It’s clear that her pieces have the je ne sais quoi that makes for a stunningly captivating work.

Trine admits that while instinctively she knows when a painting is right, she seldom understands exactly how to get there. It’s all a part of the process!

When creating a piece, Trine enjoys taking that step outside her comfort zone to inspire creativity and experiment with different elements. “I always strive to do the unpredictable, trying to cross the limits of connections. I want to leave something to wonder about, an element that seems unfinished or difficult to understand. I believe the senselessness in my paintings is what makes the most sense. All in all, I believe that the most beauty lies in imperfection.”

While mixed media is the medium she tends to use, Trine never wants to tie herself down creatively, having worked with both scaffolding platforms and steel sheets. 

For the fellow artists seeking inspiration, she does have a word of advice: “If you believe in what you do, others will eventually, so never stop trying or working. Always strive to develop and challenge yourself, and never be afraid to reach higher… and never stop trying to get [your work] out in the open.”

While it may sound like her career keeps her busy, she still manages to keep a relatively normal day-to-day life, enjoying spending time with her husband Thomas and eight-year-old daughter. 

“[We] have typical early mornings with lunch boxes to fill and a timetable to follow. When my daughter is at school, I go to my home studio and work,” Trine said of her usual schedule. “About noon, I take a break to walk my dogs by the sea. When I return, I answer emails, wrap paintings for shipment, have a coffee break, and get some domestic things done before returning to the studio until my daughter gets home from school.”

Then it’s mother-daughter time before preparing dinner and having family time when my husband Thomas gets home from work. Some late nights, I return to the studio to finish or start different artworks.” 

As for what the future holds? Trine hopes to continue working with art that others find interesting and experimental. “I work hard to find new countries and galleries to show my work, and hopefully I will have an even larger audience five years from now. One thing is certain – I will still be working with my art. I breathe through it!” 

While galleries are where Trine Lund is able to showcase her brilliant artwork in person, she relies on her online presence to reach an even wider audience. “I am a huge fan of social media! Instagram is my favorite for getting in contact with potential buyers.” While you’ll find her Instagram @finelittlespace_art to show behind-the-scene looks and detail shots of her latest work, her website is another wonderful source to browse and purchase the stunning artwork she has to offer.

If you’re interested in incorporating some of Trine Lund’s bold, expressive artwork into your home décor, she has two upcoming exhibitions where she’ll be showing work – Affordable Artfair in both Stockholm and Hamburg, in October and November, respectively. In addition, she’s made a contract with a gallery in New York City, and is on the lookout for opportunities in London!

In the meantime, we’ll be lusting after her perfectly imperfect pieces, as Trine finds that mistakes can be the most interesting thing in a painting. “It occurs from coincidence, and many of us have forgotten how to deal with the unexpected.”

Amanda Robbins

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