7 Luxurious Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

When considering home styling and décor, designing whole spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms are seen as the priority. However, have you ever considered that a piece of furniture can completely change the look of a room?

Coffee tables have multiple functions as dining tables, footrests and games tables whilst infusing the living room space with functionality and comfort. If designed right, a coffee table has the potential to bring together a whole room and make the space appear more elegant.

Speaking to the interior experts at Helen Green Design, they give us their best 7 coffee table styling tips to make your space look luxe.  

1) Choose a complimentary rug

Coffee tables shouldn’t exist in isolation. Often placed in conversation areas like living rooms, coffee tables should work with other items in the room to maximise comfort and spark discussion. The best way to make your coffee table stand out is by choosing a complimentary rug. Contrary to common thought, small rugs can make the room look out of scale and smaller. Therefore, choosing a large area rug will make the room appear larger, whilst providing a warm, plush ground for your guests to sink their feet into.

2) Lay out visual coffee table books

No coffee table would be complete without some statement coffee table books. Placed in an area which typically entertains guests, coffee table books are perfect display pieces to evoke conversation or simply pass the time. Whilst you can place any books or old magazines on the table, opt for elegant and oversized books of visual interest to present a more luxe looking space. This could be beautiful recipe books, hardback photography albums and designer fashion hardbacks to make your coffee table appear more luxurious.

3) Include one stand-out, statement piece

Luxury is synonymous with an understated but stylish look. You don’t want your coffee table to be overshadowed by all its décor, which is why it is sensible to include only one, stand out piece such as a vase or sculpture. This will ensure that the functionality of the table is not hindered, whilst creating a balanced but beautiful look. Instead of it feeling like the room is shouting at you, you are letting your coffee table stand out with one ornate and unique decorative item. 

4) Work with the rest of the room

An expertly styled coffee table will not only stand out alone, but it will enhance the décor of the rest of the room. For example, if the furniture around the room is heavy try opting for a minimalist coffee table to refine the space. On the other hand, if there are rustic elements within the room, add a rustic looking coffee table. This way, your coffee table fits practically into the space whilst accentuating the room’s natural hues.

5) Layer items for that luxe look

Professional interior design creates levels of interest, which can be done via stacking multiple items. Individual stacks will make your coffee table look clean and sophisticated, rather than disorganized and cluttered. Stacking can include accent art as book weights, flower arrangements on top of woven trays or small trinket bowls to showcase your best, most unique jewelry items.

6) Use the top and bottom to avoid overcrowding

A coffee table should not be considered as just a table, but rather a 360° arrangement where the whole item is a decorative yet practical furniture piece. Not only does decorating both the top and bottom help avoid overcrowding, but it also creates a more interesting arrangement by prompting your guest’s eyes to move around the table. This way, your coffee table becomes an eye-catching, luxury statement piece to your home rather than an unused furniture item.

7) Stimulate the senses

Homes that look, feel and smell good are designed to encourage comfort and pleasure. Therefore, to create an aesthetically pleasing coffee table it is important to appeal to all the senses. Purchase a bouquet of flowers to visually stimulate your guests and burn a Jo Malone candle to have a gorgeous smelling home that stimulates the senses.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.