Driving a Cool Car, Playing Computer Games and Being Able to Floss are the Signs of a Super Mum, According to the Nation’s Kids!

A new study of 1,000 British primary school children has revealed the signs of a modern Super Mum, with being able to skateboard, wearing cool clothes and showing them funny YouTube videos also on the list.

Knowing the offside rule, being able to fix anything around the house, and acting cool in front of their friends were also key Super Mum traits, according to kids aged 4-11, but top of the list was giving them cuddles when they feel sad. Aww!

In fact, the research by family-owned jewellers, Beaverbrooks, found that many longstanding maternal traits are still valued by the nation’s children, with baking cakes and biscuits, knowing what to say when they are upset, and doing good voices for bedtime stories also ranking highly. And it seems the way to a child’s heart is still through their stomach, with making their favourite food, setting up midnight feasts and always having snacks in her handbag also making the cut.

Lorna Haddon, head of diamonds and jewellery at Beaverbrooks, which is celebrating its centenary in 2019, said: “For 100 years we’ve been privileged to play a role in our customers’ most special occasions, and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to find out what the younger generation really think of the most important women in their lives.  

“It’s great to see what kids really think, with our research revealing 94 percent of children say they have a Super Mum! That’s why we’ve captured a heartwarming video of the nation’s cutest children saying what they love the most about that special person, and what they think she really wants this Mother’s Day!

“From making cheese toasties to warming school uniforms on the radiator, it’s lovely to see little gems from all over the UK explaining why the special lady in in their life means to them and the love that goes in to their gift ideas.” 

The study found that making them laugh and spending a lot of time with them are also Super Mum traits, along with never picking them up late for school, being good at dancing, and smelling really nice.

The research also revealed a list of the most embarrassing things mums can do according to their kids… Kissing them in front of their friends is the most cringe-worthy thing mums can do, according to 25 percent of children, while 23 percent roll their eyes at their mum’s terrible singing.

More than a fifth loathe getting their face wiped in front of people and 22 percent are embarrassed when their mum tells them off in public.

According to the survey, 17 percent hate it when she tries to floss and can’t, and 14 percent blush because of their mum’s road rage.

14 percent said they can’t stand it when their mum treats them like a baby and the same amount said being asked if they need the loo in front of other people is the height of embarrassment.

Despite causing a lot of humiliation, mums across the country must be doing something right as more than nine out of 10 believed their mum to be a Super Mum! In fact, most children think their mum is cooler than their dad, with more than half think she gives better hugs than him and almost three quarters would prefer mum to look after them when they are sick.

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