Online Tool That Generates Empowering Facts, Quotes, Videos and Headlines Launches For International Women’s Day


To mark International Women’s Day today, a new online tool has been launched to celebrate women and all of their achievements; randomly generating interesting facts, motivational quotes, videos and headlines from over the years that aim to empower and inspire users!

The Fempowerment Generator gives us access to a range of videos, facts, news stories and songs, perfect for the celebration of women and their rights! Featuring a mixture of more than 200 pieces of thought-provoking and inspiring content, the tool aims to open the eyes of audiences and educate them on the power of womankind and the great things that have been achieved by females throughout history, up until the present day.

The brilliant new tool has been created by, a website and app for student discounts, which has a predominately female user-base, aims to inspire and empower young women in particular.

The history making decisions and achievements of Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, Rosa Parks and Malala all feature within the generator, in order to showcase the diverse spectrum of strong females and their power.

Michael Eder, Founder of Student Beans, said:

“Here at Student Beans, young women make up a majority of our customer base, and so we have a responsibility to ensure that we are always focused on equality and empowering these women to achieve their goals, both in and out of their studies. We launched our Fempowerment Generator to celebrate women and inspire our audience to be all that they want to be.

“It is important for us to be able to mark occasions as significant as International Women’s Day, particularly during such an important time in the movement for women’s rights and gender equality.”

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.

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