Top Colour Picks for Flower Girl Dresses Whatever the Season

With wedding season lingering just round the corner, you may be in the midst of planning your perfect wedding, or someone else’s, browsing wedding magazines and dreaming of what colour you should choose for the dresses of your flower girls. Your flower girls that represented you when you were a child are often being referred to as mini brides, meanwhile nowadays, a mini bride would be different from flower girls. Bear with us as it gets a tad confusing… A mini bride is the small version of you as a bride while the flower girls are the little princesses that will joyfully shower flower petals along the bridal path.

As the adage goes: “The only constant in life is change”. Seasons change, fashion evolves, and even the most traditional of societal conventions adapt and develop. With this in mind, we give you this year’s top colour choices for flower girl dresses whatever the season:


There was a period when fancy dress weddings were all the rage. Alice in Wonderland, Disney and even Shrek have all served as inspiration for wedding attire. However, white will always be the ultimate colour for a flower girl dress. Simply put, white does not wither. If the bride-to-be is contemplating what colour she should pick for the young girls walking down the aisle, we will always recommend white. Meanwhile, if the bride is having a mini bride and more than one flower girl, the mini bride can wear the pretty white flower dress for example whilst the other girls can wear dresses in a different colour based on the wedding theme.


Despite being a tradition that originated long ago when arranged marriage was the norm, 34 per cent of Brits feel that the groom not seeing the bridal gown before the ceremony is an important tradition. But this does not apply when it comes to the flower girls! Although the bride is the one choosing the dresses, ivory flower girl dresses for example can work as a little sneak peek or hint for a nosy groom trying to picture his bride. Considered to be off-the-white coloured dresses, the details are more evident in this colour which we love.

Purple & lavender

Your wedding should be remembered for all the right reasons and at the end of the day, you want a wedding that, ultimately, you are happy with. Here, small details matter. Even when it comes to the colour choice of your flower girl dresses. We love purple & lavender and did you know that these indicate royalty, power and wealth? In history, purple fabric used to be too expensive and something only rulers could afford. So choosing this colour would give the sense of having bought expensive fabric dresses then, even though the price of the purple fabric doesn’t differ from that of other colours. Lavender, which is a lovely, lighter shade of purple, represents refinement, grace and elegance, hence always an alternative colour for flower girl dresses.


Whether this is a colour theme or not, many modern brides opt for this colour when picking out the dresses for their flower girls as it symbolizes femininity and the colour is also associated with youth. Believed to be a sign of hope, pink stands for unconditional love and understanding, linked to giving and receiving care, thereby attracting positive vibes.

Wedding Colour Themes

Picking the guest list, choosing a venue and deciding what food everyone will enjoy on the big day have emerged as the most common ‘battlegrounds’ for stressed-out brides and grooms-to-be. So, picking out the dresses for your bridesmaids and your flower girls shouldn’t be.

Many women choose to wear white wedding dresses on their big day and picture their flower girls wearing a different colour. Weddings are no longer perceived by couples as an event that should follow a traditional format so brides are often keen on ensuring their wedding day and the attire is tailored to their taste.

There are normally four major wedding colours that are appropriate and will suit the mood. Good news here is that there are more than just one single colour to choose from and you are given some possible options. For example, you can have both the bridesmaid dresses and the flower girl dresses be of the same colour or you can use one main colour for the bridesmaid dresses and then another for the flower girl dresses. Simple as that.

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