What Does the Future Hold for Vapers? Is this the Year Vaping Comes in From the Cold?

James Dunworth, owner of E-Cigarette Direct, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, reveals his predictions for the vaping industry in 2019.

Following the new State of the Vaping Nation report released by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for E-Cigarettes, it is apparent that there are big changes afoot for vapers. We sat down to speak with James Dunworth, owner of E-Cigarette Direct, in order to take look at what he thinks will have the biggest impact in 2019 – not least the introduction of vaping in the workplace.

With over 3m vapers in the UK alone, e-cigarettes are continuing to grow in popularity. However, vapers continue to be treated the same as smokers for some reason, forced to take breaks from work to vape. As part of the latest Freedom to Vape campaign a review of 112 UK Councils found that only one allows their employees to vape indoors and actively encourages its workers to vape as opposed to smoking tobacco – in line with recommendations from Public Health England (PHE) and the Royal College of Physicians. Three others allowed vaping at their desks but only because no other policy had been put in place.

James told YCB that he strongly believes that employers allowing vaping in the workplace will become more prolific in 2019, stating:

“Employers are often disgruntled at how much time is wasted by vapers and smokers having to leave the building to take smoke breaks. Allowing vapers to smoke at their desks will reduce this wasteful time and increase productivity amongst the workforce.

“Allowing vaping in the work environment may also encourage more smokers to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes, therefore increasing the overall health of workers in the UK as it’s estimated that they are 95% less harmful.”

2019 will see a lot of change for vapers and the e-cigarette industry, here are just a few more of James’ top predictions:

1. Greater investment – In order to encourage more smokers to switch to vaping to save more money will be invested into product research, leading to safer hardware and e-liquids.

2. Technological advances – As with most industries, vaping too will turn to technology to offer more advanced options. Mobile technology will start to be incorporated into vape devices.

3. Research continues – More detailed research reports will continue to support that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking.

4. Negative vapes – As a disruptive industry, it’s most likely vaping will be hit with more negative news stories through the media, it’s likely most of these will originate in the US.

5. Youth culture – There will continue to be fears that vaping is leading to a new youth addiction. Most of these will come from the US where higher nicotine is allowed. However, in the UK, the fall in youth smoking rates will continue to grow.

6. Tobacco developments – The tobacco industry will attempt to take market share from the independent industry. This will involve both new technology and investment/takeovers of the larger independent players.

7. Vaping off the high street – Vaping’s popularity has led to an influx of stores on the high street, however it’s now oversaturated and it’s likely, in 2019, that more vape stores will close down.

8. Tough time for the US – Vaping in the US will face a tough time as new regulations and flavour bans are brought in. Tobacco stocks are already increasing in value, and as such, we could see a resurgence in smoking rates in the US.

Charlotte Giver

Charlotte is the founder and editor-in-chief at Your Coffee Break magazine. With a background in PR working in Los Angeles and Barcelona, Charlotte has been running Your Coffee Break from the YCB HQ in London’s Covent Garden for the past 6 years.

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