Create a Happy, Healthy Bedroom This Winter With Midnatt

Living a healthy lifestyle is something that many of us aspire to, but what if diet and exercise are only part of the puzzle? Studies shows that people who make their bed every morning report more consistent feelings of happiness, whilst those who don’t make their bed consider themselves unhappy.

According to Psychology Today, bed makers are more likely to enjoy their jobs, work out regularly and get more sleep, compared to non-bed makers, who hate their jobs, avoid the gym and are generally tired.

We think that small steps can lead to big changes, so why not start in the bedroom? We’ve found an amazing range of beautiful bed linen from Midnatt, a new Swedish brand offering items in crisp organic cotton for both children and adults.

We love the fact that they strive to create products which already feel loved, and say that a washed-out favourite shirt and a duvet cover that had been used for several generations at a family summer house inspired Midnatt’s very first collection.

With a range of contemporary looks, the muted colours and patterns can be combined just the way you want. There’s no need to shell out hundreds to update your linen cupboard. Instead, just pick the sheets and pillowcases separately to match what you already own.

Feeling calm and comfortable is the best way to encourage a relaxing mood in the bedroom. Whether you get too hot or too cold, the Midnatt 100% organic cotton sheets are the perfect solution. Cotton is breathable, therefore will absorb body heat during the night keeping you cool. In winter, the sheets will absorb and retain heat to keep you cosy.

Midnatt’s stone washed finish gives the linen a beautiful structure with preserved softness that you’ll absolutely love to dive into at the end of a long hard day.

Those who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin can sleep easy in the knowledge that Midnatt cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. Make sure you wash your sheets once a week to kill bacteria and use an all natural detergent to keep allergens at bay. In fact, detergents made for washing baby clothes are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Speaking of changing sheets, does the thought of doing it stress you out? Trying to get sheets washed and dried in time for bed can be cumbersome, especially during the cold winter months where outside drying is essentially impossible. The quickest way to solve this problem is to simply invest in a few extra sets of bed sheets. You could also try washing them in stages throughout the week (e.g. pillow cases one day, fitted sheet the next day) if you don’t have hanging space to dry them all at once.

We love the choice of neutral tones on the Midnatt website such as mauve, tan and white. Not only will these muted shades provide the perfect backdrop for your existing linen, but it will also create a zen-like environment to retreat to every evening. You’ll also wake up to soothing tones which will send you on your way already in a positive mood.

The shades are timeless, meaning that you can look forward to owning and using your sheets for years to come.

For those on the lookout for a patterned set, check out the Artsie range.

Once you’ve got your bed spruced up just the way you like it, don’t forget to adjust the rest of your bedroom to create a homely haven. This doesn’t mean redecorating or buying more furniture. In fact, for most people it means embracing minimalism and getting rid of some items to create space and calm.

A good rule of thumb is to only have things out on display that you actually reach for everyday.

This might mean clearing out your bedside table to make room for old books, perfume and hair styling products but it will make such a difference in the long run. Having less clutter will also make it much more easy to wipe down surfaces on a weekly basis leading to a more enjoyable cleaning routine.

Scents can have a profound impact on our senses in the bedroom. Start by opening the window and airing out your bedroom on a daily basis. This will help let out humidity and kill bacteria, as well as naturally refresh the air in the room. In the evening, you can encourage sleep by dimming the lights and using a scented candle or diffuser to fill the room with a relaxing scent. Choose options including lavender, chamomile, bergamot, jasmine, rose and sandalwood to ensure a peaceful night and a healthy mind.

Fiona Reid

Fiona Thomas is a lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music where she snuck into several journalism classes and realised her real passion was writing. She had a successful career in management for several years before returning to her calling and started developing Fiona Likes to Blog, whilst working freelance for other websites. She is a keen advocate of positive body image, mental health awareness, fitness and wellbeing.

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