7 Activities to do with Children on Saturdays

It’s really nice to go out for a shopping spree and some cocktails to wind down after a long week at work, but with children it’s a tad complicated. It’s important to find family activities to do with them. But when you are tired after what was a jam‑packed week, it isn’t easy to come up with ideas for activities to ensure your kids are occupied. Here there are some suggestions:

1- See the moon with your kids

This works particularly well when we are in the mountains, because the city lights are too strong. You can take some really great pictures of the moon with your children, explaining to them what the moon is and why it’s so important for the earth.

2- Organise a bike ride

The final goal is always going to be eating an ice cream together, or when it’s getting colder, sit down and have a hot chocolate. The choice of the itinerary is very important if there are children: stay on the cycle paths, check the bicycle lights and do not forget your helmet at home.

3- Go to the cinema

Is it a rainy, boring, restless day? All the homework is already finished? Let’s try to do something new with our children. Let’s go to the cinema! It can be charm for them! Going to the cinema, watching movies or cartoons is fun for children (but also for their parents). Don’t think it’s too expensive if you have more than one child. To save money, you can try a Cineworld voucher code.

The magic of cinema fascinates children. A dark room with many people, a great story told by music, images and emotions on a giant screen. Children enjoy this experience and turn it into a constructive and extremely positive experience for their development.

4- Let the Kids Visit Relatives

If the kids’ grandparents, aunts or other family members live far away and rarely get to see your children, this may be a vacation option. However, if they live across town, spending a few days at a relative’s house can feel like a fun sleepover and allows for some great bonding time.  

5– Spend the day at the Zoo

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is a zoo designed specifically for children. It’s not too big and there is not too much walking. You won’t find any of the big five here as Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is home to smaller animals, reptiles, and birds. Feed the farm animals and spot the otters. There are lots of different interactive play areas for different ages including a real tractor and fire engine.

 6– Take your children to an indoor play area

Within Kew Gardens they have designed an indoor play area called Climbers and Creepers, the first interactive botanical play zone designed to make plant life fun and interesting for children. Built in an old greenhouse within the grounds, children can experience becoming insects sliding in tunnels and climbing through plants.

7- Visit museums

Art, culture and creativity are important for children as they’re growing up. So, taking your children and sharing with them art in all its forms (visual arts, dance, theater, …) sure has a positive impact on their cognitive and emotional development, encouraging creativity and expression, and it helps the growing of communication skills.

With two million years of human history and culture, the British Museum is the museum of the world in London. You might need to come back a few times as it is so vast!  Plan ahead and think of the top highlights you would like to see. There are plenty of interactive activities for children bringing the worlds history and culture to life and a family audio guide too.

Your children think museums are boring? Take them in natural or archeological museum and let me know! I’m sure they enjoy these activities!  

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.