Beginner’s Guide: How to Pair E-Liquid Flavours

We all know what it’s like to mix some liquids just to satisfy our curiosity to see what the result is. Some mixtures may be a tad complex, due to the different layers from the mix, but also because it takes a lot to make the receipt. If you’re new to this, it might be overwhelming. You should have a point to start, and this article is your point.

So let’s take you through this step by step… First, you should start with pairings, as they’re much easier. You choose two flavors to mix for example and create a new one. The good thing about this is that once you understand how pairing works, you can develop them in layers, which can be difficult sometimes.

Pairing with creams

The cream is the easiest flavour of them all. You get Ice Cream, other deliciously yummy flavours of cream or milk and voila. You just need to make sure you choose the one that you actually like, such as CAP Vanilla Custard or Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, or CAP Sweet Cream, mixed with your favorite fruit. If you are a smoker who is looking to give up the nasty habit, the best example for this one is Mustard Milk, which is formed from 8% TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and 6% TFA Strawberry, all mixed in a tasty Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. If you’re not used to the taste of strawberry,or you just don’t like it, maybe you’ll go instead for 4% FW Blueberry or 6% CAP Juicy Lemon. And you can pair them with any kind of fruit.

If your flavour is too thick, then you should use 5 to 6% CAP Creamy Yogurt. If you don’t like the taste of milk or cream, you should go for 3 to 4% TFA, FA or CAP Marshmallow. Choosing good vape flavours to mix was never that easy.

Pairing with fruits

There are oh so many exciting flavours with fruits out there for you to try that you won’t be able to choose which one to get. Many fruits can be paired with other fruits just as tasty, and it really depends on your taste. One thing you should keep in mind though: when pairing with fruits, max out each flavouring in terms of percentages. For instance, let’s say you have a 6 to 7% of TFA Strawberry’s max flavor percentage. If you are to pair it with FW Kiwi, then you need to use the max concentration, which is at about 4 to 5%. To make sure you know what’s the max concentration of a specific fruit, the flavourbook comes in handy. If you’re really paying attention, you should be able to say it yourself. If not, there are also flavor notes online, which are easy to find. You cannot make a mess, so just be creative with the fruits – you’re a beginner, it’s what you should do.

For more information, check out this helpful Infographic!

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