Mix It Up With Kosp Design! Tips For Designing With Colour

It’s no secret that here at YCB we’re obsessed with beautiful homeware. We’re constantly picking up inspiration for our homes whether it be on exotic travels, city breaks or Instagram!

Making your house a home is all part of becoming an adult, you start to favour splashing your money on a new gorgeous chair rather than a spontaneous night out. And now that the new season is upon us, we’re feeling the need to add a touch of colour to our apartment.  We aren’t talking *too much* colour, just enough to ensure your house feels bright, homely and inviting.

It’s important to style with just the right amount of colour for each room of the house, using accessories to add subtle splashes here and there.

If you’re looking to decorate with colour, look no further than Kosp design, the experts at home design that’s practical, stylish and vibrant.

Here are our top tips for effectively designing with colour as inspired by the gorgeous products from Kosp!

Accessorise with Bold Colours

It’s all in the accessories! Bring a neutral room to life with a few different colourful additions such as a wall clock which will look just fabulous against a crisp white wall.

Our favourite is this Floval Clock which also houses a cute little catcus, isn’t it adorable?!

We love the teal shade, but if you’re feeling the summer season why not opt for a vibrant yellow?

The Kosp bookstands are another fabulous way in which to introduce colour into your lounge or bedroom. Style them on your shelf with your favourite candles, a plant or two, and enjoy a pop of gorgeous colour.

Forever losing your earrings? We know the feeling. Keep track of all your favourite jewels with one of these beautiful Kosp bowls, a perfect size to home your watch, rings, and favourite necklace. Place on your dresser or coffee table to add a stylish touch.

Add A Statement Light

Get creative with your lighting and think about adding a funky desk lamp or one of these unique Kosp Clampy lights to your home. Not only do they look interesting, they’re practical too!

Clamp one on to your bookcase, shelf or coffee table to add the perfect evening lighting when you’re settling down to a glass of wine and Netflix.

Looking for the perfect desk lamp? The Claude lamp offers a super stylish angle poise design and comes in a range of colours including red, yellow, turquoise and teal. We love the red design, perfect for adding colour to a monochrome office. We might just need to order one for the office!

Furnish With Colour

Add a bold statement to your home with a piece of block colour furniture such as this fantastic side table, use to display a cactus, your current read and a gorgeous scented candle.

We’re currently eyeing up the forest green shade which will look just lovely with a plant on top in an all-white lounge. Can you tell we’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest gathering house inspo? Try to include too many pieces that are popping with colour otherwise it may get a bit confused and messy, instead opt for just 1 or 2 bold items of furniture to tie together a minimalist style room.

Play With Discreet Features

If you want to keep the colour lowkey, get creative with how you can add a splash of blue or red without being too obvious about it. We love the idea of these hooks which are perfect for using in the kitchen to hold a tea-towel or in the bedroom to hang your favourite scarves from. They’re stylish but discreet, and we love the way the gold detailing contrasts with the colour.

Don’t be afraid to play with colour, adding a splash of rich, bold colour adds a homely feel to your place! Celebrate the summer and add a few yellow touches to your home to brighten up the place and add some positive, happy vibes! If you’re stuck for decorating ideas, head to Pinterest and soak up all the inspiration you can. Colourful plants and flowers are also a great way to add vibrancy to the home, just the excuse we needed to treat ourselves to a bunch of beautiful peonies…

Shop more stylish interiors at http://www.kosp-design.de 

Happy shopping!

Tilly-Jayne Kidman

Tilly is a graduate in fashion marketing and currently works in social media. She writes for various publications including the Huffington Post as well as her own fashion and lifestyle blog tillyjayne.com. In her spare time she's usually wandering around her home city of Cambridge, making travel plans or finding a new restaurant to try out.

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