Does Your Holiday Home Have Patchy Wifi?

There’s nothing quite like leaving your daily routine behind and escaping to an island of sun, sea and sand, but in today’s world, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to fully disconnect. For those who are lucky enough to experience a holiday home away from home, they are often welcomed with a laptop won’t connect to wifi, and soon realize that the patchy Wi-Fi connection is plaguing the house, usually due to building layout or even the remote location.

Whether on holiday, or enjoying a staycation, you want everything to be perfect, from the weather to the wifi whether it’s to keep the kids entertained and out of the sun or to touch base with the office to make sure everything is running smoothly in your absence – we’re all guilty of roaming abroad.

Now, Google has the perfect solution for those who need multiple wifi points across their seaside villa. Google Wifi allows you to stream and download in every room so you can easily share holiday snaps with loved ones back home and stream your favourite TV shows during some downtime. You can even press pause on the Google Wifi app on the kid’s devices, when it’s time to head off on your excursion.

Google Wifi was introduced to the UK in Spring last year, to provide a connected system of seamless Wifi coverage everywhere in the home, via mesh networking. Thanks to this new technology, it is currently the #1 mesh router in the US and Canada, with the UK fast catching up.

How does it work?

Using a single router to spread signal throughout your whole home is like expecting one light bulb to light up every single room. Walls and distance make it difficult for a single router to send a strong signal to every room in your home, resulting in slow Wi‑Fi and dead zones.

With Google Wifi, you can place multiple “points” in different rooms for fast Wi‒Fi in every corner of your home. We recommend putting them out in the open, about two rooms apart.

The system uses a technology called mesh Wi‒Fi. Within the mesh network, each Google Wifi point creates a high‒powered connection, and they work together to determine the best path between points of data.

The result is fast Wi‒Fi everywhere in your house, not just right next to the router. You can easily roam throughout the house while on a video call or streaming a movie without the signal dropping.

So whether you’re jetsetting off to your villa in Spain or a large multi-story home in the Scottish countryside, Google Wifi can meet your needs. This nifty 3-pack ensures that those with different storeys, multiple rooms, wall-thicknesses and other architectural eccentricities can benefit from fast, reliable and safe wifi connection in their homes.

The new Google Wifi 3-pack is now available from the Google Store for £329.00. (Single units are available for £129).

Jennifer Lien

Jennifer Lien is a Canadian in Singapore. A lover of words, she spends her days working in academic publishing and her nights (or, well, early mornings) writing about careers, culture, and all things wonderful about living life abroad. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @lienje.