5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

You’re gearing up to put your house on the market, and you want to get the most from the sale. It’s an exciting time for you though still, it cannot be denied that it’s now far harder to sell your home for a profit than it was during 2016 for example, when property prices soared at a truly exponential rate. In fact, the onus is now on vendors through to optimise the value in their homes, rather than relying on high demand and disproportionate price points.

Major renovations are costly and time-consuming, but small, cost-effective changes can have a large impact on a home’s value. Let’s explore the following budget-friendly home improvement ideas that do not require a huge time investment.

Update Hardware and Fixtures

This tip pertains mainly to the kitchen and the bathroom. Replacing old hardware on cabinets is an easy way to update the rooms that require an upgrade. For example, you can easily paint cabinets for a more dramatic change. Why not check out Property Workshops’s brilliant guide on how to paint kitchen cabinets

Swap out old plumbing fixtures for newer versions. You may also consider replacing your old septic system and have a new septic system installation. Water-conserving faucets and showerheads are available for installation. These fixtures use less water and therefore maximize efficiency. Homebuyers who want to go green, or save money on water bills, will appreciate these additions. 

Repaint Rooms

A fresh coat of paint transforms a room. Certain colours can make a room appear brighter and more spacious. A neutral colour palette for example enables potential homebuyers to imagine bringing their styles to the space. A Zillow.com study also found that blue tones can increase a home’s value

If you can’t hire a painting service for this task, you can take on the project yourself. Be sure to cover floors at all times and invest in the right equipment, such as rollers and painter’s tape. 

Incorporate Inexpensive Smart Tech

A smart thermostat is a wise investment. This device tracks HVAC system usage, giving you the ability to see where you can conserve energy. It can adjust the indoor temperature with changes according to the weather. A smart thermostat also detects movement and turns on when people are present in a home or off when the house is empty. These features can translate to savings on utility bills over time.

A smart thermostat can be more convenient to use than a traditional one. You can control the device from a smartphone app whether you are at home or on the go. Hire an electrician like this electrician in Manalapan, NJ or this electrician in Lorain, OH to install one for you.

Replace or Improve Lighting

Lighting fixtures in good condition are important for any homeowner. Bright lighting better showcases a space for open houses. You can replace older fixtures with more modern versions and add LED bulbs to lighting fixtures to save energy. Ceiling fixtures with fan attachments may also appeal to homebuyers. These will help circulate air and cool rooms in warmer seasons. Experts like this electrician in Dewey-Humboldt, AZ can help with trickier installations.


Simply sprucing up the lawn can improve property value. You can enlist a landscaping service to improve your yard or set some time aside to trim and shape shrubs. You may also consider having a Backflow Preventer Device Maintenance service for the safety and protection of your property from contaminants. Make sure as well to spruce up your driveway by having stamped concrete services.

Plants add colour and variety to your home’s landscaping. HGTV recommends purchasing native plants or drought-tolerant plant varieties. Since these types demand less water and maintenance to thrive, you’ll reap the benefit of savings of time and money.

You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to prepare a home for listing. A few simple changes can give a dwelling a new look. Use the tips above to help you sell your home for more, with little hassle. 

Diana Simpson

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