Indulge Your Senses This Valentine’s Day at Hunter 486

This Valentine’s Day, whether there’s a special monsieur in your life or you plan to uproot your best chica from her nightly glass of wine + Netflix and head out for a treat, The Arch London has the perfect answer. Cast a spell on that special someone with a love potion cocktail and a dining experience with an unexpected menu.

The 5-star Marylebone hotel is offering an exclusive, romantic adventure to help sweep your sweetheart off their feet. They have created a gastronomic experience that is sure to set hearts fluttering, whilst challenging couples senses and their taste buds. The immersive experience has starters for desserts, desserts for starters and a love potion cocktail to top it all!

Named after the 1950s dialling code for Marylebone, Hunter 486 has been designed with an air of nostalgic London glamour fused with contemporary touches and is the restaurant is the place to be this Valentines. 

In fact, even if it isn’t on Valentines Day (I like to believe in a concept called Valentines Week), you can still head over on the 10th, 14th, 16th and 17th, order the Valentine’s menu, sit back… and luxuriate.

Given our great love of all things exclusive, the YCB team couldn’t wait to have a preview – so I headed over to Hunter 486 to do the honours…

The verdict?

The restaurant was simply beautiful, and the dimly lit, curtain swathed booth in which we were invited to sit for this special treat was just right for the occasion.

Upon arrival, the barman greeted me with a pink cocktail garnished with two strawberry hearts which was literally bubbling and steaming over, looking suspiciously like a love potion…

I know what you’re thinking…Starting the evening with a love potion is a tough act to follow!

Not for Hunter. The Valentine’s menu was made up of little treats which were each so thoughtfully prepared and well executed that I struggled to keep my cool (consider yourselves warned: you may well burst aflame with excitement)…

Pour commencer:

Being a lifelong veggie, I had the caramelised beetroot and goat’s curd terrine, which was a beautifully paired and very surprising combination of flavours which I am now dying to reproduce at casa mia.

Between dishes, we were then offered a rhubarb and granny smith sorbet which took me back to the scene in ‘The Princess’ Diaries’ where Amelia decides that the sorbet is in fact her actual dessert. Needless to say, I couldn’t get enough of it (why do they do it to us? can’t we all just have the dessert first, salad last?)

My plate was then graced with a very elegant artichoke and asparagus tarte, which seemed like it deserved its very own menu for all the tiny details which the chef had clearly put lots of thought (and love!!!) into.

Le dessert? Pineapple ravioli. Which, beyond being masterful in its presentation, made an entrance that would truly earn its place on the life reel of your most memorable Valentines moments. Pineapple ravioli. Pineapple ravioli. The longer you say it, the more the image becomes unforgettable.

There is also one more thing (I know you’re itching to dial and reserve, but hear me out!) If you head to Hunter 486 for the Valentine’s dinner, you are promised a very special surprise at the end. I am sworn to secrecy and cannot tell you what it is, but all that I can say is that it is truly worth the wait, and when you head over this week you must send the team at YCB all your favourite shots!

Whether it’s Galentine’s or Valentine’s your celebrating, we look forward to seeing you there! Book now @ Hunter 486

£75 per person – including cocktail, 5 courses with coffee and Petit fours.


Photo credit: The Arch London 

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