Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Autumn

Autumn is well and truly upon us, as are the school holidays. Try these fun ways to keep your little ones entertained…

It’s tricky to keep kids away from the TV at the best of times but even more so when the nights are drawing in and it rarely stops raining. Luckily, there are plenty of fun things to do with a bit of imagination.

Wheely Good Fun

Sounds like an obvious one but the park is a fun place to be for kids regardless of the weather – especially with a mini scooter to speed around on. Take advantage of the skate ramp if it’s quiet or hit the public tennis courts for the perfect outdoor spot to take advantage of your wheels. Great exercise for kids and they won’t even realise how good it is for them as they’re so much fun to play with.

Park Life

Once the kids have made the most of their wheels why not explore the rest of the park with an Autumnal nature trail? All kids love playing with piles of leaves and exploring the textures and colours then you can pick your favourites and take them home to paint and print with – a great way to fill a few hours once the inevitable rain arrives.

Floor Picnics

Another winner for a rainy day is the ever-popular floor picnic. If you’re feeling ambitious google a few recipes and make your own finger food but there’s no shame in some supermarket faves if not. Set up a rug and gather round a few favourite toys and you have an activity that should take you way beyond lunch and keep the little darlings away from the TV. Because we all know how long teddy takes to eat his sandwiches.

The Den

It’s an old one but a good one. The humble den never goes out of fashion as far as children are concerned and you can knock one up in even the smallest of spaces. The kitchen table is always a good base, covered with as big a sheet or blanket as you can manage. Next, fill with toys and cushions and put the kettle on while your young charges entertain themselves. If you want to up the ante, empty the washing basket and transform it into a car/boat/extra hiding space and toddlers will love you forever while older ones will enjoy the feeling of hiding and having their own space.

Culture Vultures

No matter where you live, museums, galleries and even libraries always have plenty to entertain the small people in your life. For a treat, as we all know it can get pricey, a trip to the likes of The Natural History Museum in London will delight most kids but you don’t need to spend a fortune on big budget entertainment. Most museums have at least one free area with things to do for kids, even if it’s just a different four walls to explore. Another tip is to check out the smaller galleries and museums out of town many of which have free entry based on the assumption they’ll make a bit of money back in the café and gift shop.

To the Beach!

Who says the seaside is just for Summer? Get wrapped up warm, pack a picnic and head for the coast. Aside from parking in some areas it will cost you nothing and it’s great exercise for you and the little ones. Plus you can collect shells and pebbles and take them home for future art projects. Win-win – as long as you can avoid the dreaded amusement arcades that crop up in the bigger resorts.

Emily Mccarrick

Emily Morgan is a freelance Writer and Editor with twenty years experience across brands from HELLO and SHAPE to Grazia, Time Out and Harper's Bazaar. She's currently based in the UK after spending seven-years living and working in Dubai.

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