5 Best Kinds of Fishing Glasses

If you wish to take up fishing this summer, you may want to consider the need for special sunglasses. Yes that’s right, fishing as a sport requires polarized sunglasses. The polarized sunnies help you see underwater and take into consideration the depth of the water and the number, kind and activity of the fish underwater by seeing directly through it.

There are a number of coloured lenses available for this purpose, each colour of the lens helps in a specific way. Green lenses help with contrast whereas Amber lenses can help in uncovering camouflaged fish etc.

Naturally, these glasses need to be stylish as well. Comes without saying, right? Why shall you compromise your looks to go fishing? It is quite a stylish sport to begin with.

So for this purpose, we have devised a list of the best fishing glasses available to make it easier for you to make a purchase:

Costa Fantail Polarized Sunglasses

This is surely a very stylish pair of fishing glasses. They come in a green shade and give complete protection from UV rays and are completely polarized as well. They are also great for preventing sun glare from affecting the glasses.

Another advantage of these glasses is that they are great for making red, blue and green hues vivid so as to make them easier to spot.

Smith Optics Chief Sunglasses

Another very stylish pair of fishing glasses. They also come in a green tint and have all the benefits green tinted polarized glasses have to offer. Completely waterproof and give optimal protection against UV rays.

With big lenses covering the entire eyes, the shades help optimize light filtering and minimize leakage. They are also completely polarized. Other than this, these glasses are very lightweight and durable and will last for a long time in your fishing gear.

Suncloud Warrant Polarized Sunglasses

These shades are another very lightweight and very strong and durable pair that are large enough to over the face enough and provide great light coverage. They contain all the features of being completely resistant to UV rays and are 100% polarized too.

The best part about these glasses is that they are a very affordable pair. They also come with a lifetime warranty where Suncloud has warranted replacing them anytime they breakdown during your lifetime.

Smith Chromapop lenses

These very stylish lenses come as different coloured pairs with different benefits. Smith has received a lot of reverence in the fishing world because of this Chromapop lenses range they introduced.

They come as a blue mirror, a bronze mirror, copper mirror and amber mirror. All these different kinds of lenses have specific advantages which you might want to look up online.

Oakley Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

Another great, stylish pair of heavy duty glasses is this pair introduced by Oakley. The sunnies are lightweight, durable and offer complete UV ray protection. 

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