Morning Coffee or Snack at the Wheel Might Not Be the Best Idea, Here is Why

Morning coffee or snack at the wheel might not be the best idea, here is why

why you should never eat and drive

We all know the drill, get up, get washed, get dressed and go to work. Most of us repeat these rituals five times a week or more, and very few of us give ourselves enough time to enjoy a nice breakfast before we leave the house.

There have been a whole host of experts over the years who have told us that having a proper breakfast in the morning is vital to how we will perform at work, some even go as far as to call breakfast the most important meal of the day. But yet we still tend to munch our breakfast on our commute to work.

A study by Insurance Revolution shows that a whopping 73% of UK drivers eat and drink while driving. Many of which claim that they enjoy their morning coffee at the wheel. Eating or drinking while driving is actually pretty dangerous, which is why it’s against the law. People can also click for source here for the best drunk driving attorney help.

Why is eating and drinking at the wheel dangerous?

Why is eating and drinking at the wheel dangerous?

The study found that over half of those questioned have spilled a drink or dropped bits of food in their car while on the road, admitting that this causes to be a major distraction to their driving abilities.

Shockingly according to the DUI lawyers from Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson, APC, only 12% of those who eat and drink at the wheel have lost control of the car while doing so. Out of these 8% had an accident.

It’s not just the danger aspect either, did you know that you can actually be fined a couple of hundred pounds for being caught eating or drinking at the wheel, if it seems you’re not paying attention? That’s a hefty price to pay for your skinny latte in the mornings, and it could also lead to legal consequences.

So the next time you’re thinking of grabbing a banana or a cappuccino for your morning commute, be careful and consider setting off a bit earlier and eating/drinking at your desk instead, it is definitely more comfortable too.

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