6 Tips For the Perfect Girls Night In

6 tips for the perfect girls night in

How to host the perfect girls night in

Going out on the town is great. I love dressing up, having a meal somewhere fancy (Zuma, anyone?), taking in a show, spending loads of money. But you know what? Some of the best nights out I’ve had, have been nights in, if you know what I mean. Spending an evening with a group of fabulous ladies that you share history with is absolutely the best. It’s about remembering old times and comparing notes on how things have panned out for you all…over a cosmo or two, of course. No dressing to impress, no worrying what the people on the other table might be thinking, no hideously expensive drinks and definitely no being on your best behaviour. A good girls’ night in is like a sun soaked holiday squeezed into an evening. It’s got to be the right gang of gals of course. Mixing old friends with your new girl squad can be tricky, you don’t want anyone left out of the reminiscing and of course it goes without saying that everyone really needs to get on. So if you’re lucky enough to be able to round up a bunch of old girl friends, here are our suggestions for a great night in.

Get The Music Right

A piece of music can take you right back to when you first heard it, so put together a playlist that’s got some old favourites on it.  Save the dance music until the alcohol starts to kick in.

Choose The Right Movie

The whole point about watching a movie on a girls’ night in is that it should be one that everybody knows really well.  This is one where you are all going to talk, all the way through it, where you know what’s coming and you can quote all the best lines.  Movies from your childhood, mine were Dirty Dancing and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, aren’t necessarily the ones that your friends will remember.  I’d have thought that Mean Girls and Clueless are a pretty safe bet with any group of girls in their twenties though.

Order A Takeaway

You’re not out to impress with your culinary skills, you don’t want all that preparation and you don’t want all that clearing up.  Go for something social like Indian, Chinese or sushi where you can share lots of small plates.

Make Cocktails

Of course it’s perfectly possible to have a girl’s night in without alcohol but if you are going to fuel the hilarity, I suggest that cocktails are a lot more fun than lashings of wine.  Choose perhaps half a dozen cocktail recipes and buy your ingredients accordingly.  A good round of cocktails is like throwing the switch on the Christmas illuminations

Home Spa

Probably best to do this before the cocktails enter a second round, but toes, nails and face packs are fun and allow that intimate physical contact which is an important part of female friendship.


Whether it’s a competitive game of Twister or a good old fashioned drinking game, it’s always fun to have a few games lined up for the evening. Choose carefully though: you don’t want anything that’s too involved and you don’t want anything that’s too personal.  Some of those truth games can get rather incendiary when mixed with alcohol.

Charlotte Giver

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