Reasons You Should Join a Budget Gym Today

Reasons you should join a budget gym today

Reasons you should join a budget gym

Whether you’re looking to build that Kim Kardashian booty or you’re training for your first marathon, chances are you’ll benefit from joining a gym to help with your progress. There is a lot more choice out there than there was previously, and the health and fitness industry has undoubtedly seen a huge boom in recent years. The good news for customers is that purse-friendly gyms are popping up all over London giving us ample choice and little reason to avoid getting those workouts in. If you’ve never considered a budget gym, then read on for the reasons we think you should join today.

Budget gyms in London

No contract:

The big selling point for popular facilities like The Gym or Pure Gym is of course the low monthly fee. Some newly opened places are offering deals as low as £10.99 per month(!), with others closer to the £20 mark. Still, compared to the big brands like Virgin Active and Bannatyne’s it’s an absolute steal. The thing that appeals to many users is the ‘no contract’ element which means you’re not tied into paying for the usual minimum 12 months. This is great for people who aren’t sure if they’re going to keep up their fitness routine, or even for people who know they move around a lot with work. Often the regular joining fee will be wavered too especially around busy times like January.


The great thing about so many new gyms popping up all over the place is that you are almost certain to find one in exactly the right location for you whether you live in Clapham, Battersea, Chelsea or Shoreditch. In the past many gyms were situated in residential areas but now there are city centre gyms packed into high rise buildings which make post-work gym sessions easier than ever. You can easily access these gyms via public transport and most of them offer excellent parking solutions where you can use your membership to park for free whilst you’re in the gym. If you ever need assistance with relocating or disposing of gym equipment, hire the team at Gym Equipment Removals for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Free classes:

If you think budget gym means no frills, then think again. These companies have realised that most female users are more likely to attend group classes than use the gym floor so you’ll find an extensive group exercise programme featuring well known workouts such as legs, bums & tums, step, spin to more intense HIIT style workouts and weight-lifting sessions. Many of them are a brief 30 minutes out of your day and are scheduled at convenient times such as just before work or over lunchtime. The best thing of course is that all of this is included in your monthly cost.

Online access:

Joining a budget gym is actually way easier than you’d think. Simply head to their website and fill out your details and you’ll be given a unique passcode to use almost immediately and you can start using the facilities. You can book an induction with a staff member if required, but if you’ve used gym equipment before you’ll probably be happy to get started on your own without having to make an appointment. Most gyms have an app where you can book and cancel classes too which is great for those last minute changes to your calendar. The websites will often offer fitness and nutritional advice as well as videos explaining equipment, special offers and details on weight-loss classes.

Open 24/7:

Although the idea of hitting the treadmill at 2am in the morning doesn’t appeal to everyone, it is sort of comforting to know that the option is available when your gym is open 24 hours a day. If you want to get in a session before work it can be tricky with regular opening hours, with many of us aiming to be at our desks around 8am. If your gym opens at 7am then it’s basically impossible to make it happen. However, being able to get in at 5am and easily have time to get showered and dressed before work is perfect for a lot of people, especially those who just can’t face exercising at 5pm when the workday is done.

Added extras:

There are a few other little bonuses that deserve a mention too. Free Wi-Fi might seem like a given but you’d be surprised how many gyms don’t offer it as standard. This is a great motivator if you like streaming your favourite shows whilst you do cardio or if you simply need access to work emails at all times. You will also have access to a lot of experienced personal trainers. You will have to pay extra for this service but they’re always around looking for business, and you may want to use the cheap monthly fee as an excuse to splurge on a personalised one to one session to get better results.

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