Garden Accessories Every Gardener Needs

Garden accessories every gardener needs

Garden accessories every amateur gardener needs

If you’re new to gardening, you’re probably picturing yourself happily digging up the lawn in a fashionable pair of wellies, sipping a mug of steaming tea beside a string of freshly-planted spring bulbs worthy of an Instagram snap.

But, upon stepping outside for the first time, the dream seems a little far away. How are you going to create that gorgeous decking area? How do you propose to nurture that rose bush? And how, exactly, do you intend to grow those vegetables destined for the Sunday roast? Well, it all begins with having the right accessories. Here’s a breakdown of what every amateur gardener needs…

Essential tools

A Digging fork:

Let’s start with the essential tools. First and foremost, you need a digging fork to help you slacken up the soil. A spade won’t really make an impact on soil that’s been compacted, so look for a fork that you can comfortably lift and put your weight on. Some come with a lifetime guarantee such as those made by Clarington Forge and others are made of lighter materials or are three-pronged rather than four-pronged if you find traditional models a bit heavy.

A trowel:

Also, you’ll need to invest in a trowel. These pieces of equipment are great for planting bulbs and seeds, and for general weeding too… just look for one where the handle and blade are close coupled so that it’s easier to use: you don’t want a ‘swan necked’ tool that bends at the join. It’s also worth buying a hand fork in a similar design, as this will help you to aerate the soil and nestle into tight spots that your bigger digging fork can’t reach.

A hoe and rake:

Finally, you’ll need a hoe with a narrow, razor-shape blade to skim the surface of the soil in order to remove weeds. It’s also worth investing in a rake too, as it will help you to collect garden debris such as leaves without damaging the lawn, wood, concrete, brick or pebbles beneath.

Useful items

A gardener’s tool belt: a tool belt secured around your waist will mean you can keep your tools (and even mobile phone) close to hand without having to rummage around the garden shed or nip back into the house.

A wheelbarrow: if you plan on doing any kind of gardening, a wheelbarrow is going to come in handy. Fill it with soil, compost, debris, wood, trimmings, leaves or whatever else the season throws at you: you’ll be able to lift heavier loads and get around the garden more efficiently than you can with your arms alone.

A watering can: while a hose is sufficient when it comes to watering your garden (though preferably with a mist setting or detachable head in various designs), watering cans are useful too. They’re convenient (especially while you’re growing plants in containers) and are best for watering tiny seedlings that might otherwise be uprooted by a powerful blast from a hose. If you’re strapped for cash, you can make your own using an empty milk carton with holes pierced in the lid.

Happy spring gardening!

Charlotte Giver

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