Strictly Come Dancing is Back! What Does it Take to Waltz Away as the Winner?

Strictly Come Dancing is back! What does it take to waltz away as the winner?

Strictly Come Dancing 2015

Last weekend something magical happened. You might have caught a glimpse of the goings on. Across a previously empty dancefloor there was a sudden flurry of feathers, a shower of sequins, a dash of diamantes. In the corner a glitter ball sat glistening, waiting patiently for the moment in three months time when a famous face will win it. Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back with a bang!

Strictly Come Dancing

This year the likes of broadcaster Jeremy Vine, Olympian Iwan Thomas, singer Jamelia and he of gyrating-in-the-sea fame Peter Andre will all take to the floor in the hope of twisting, jiving and Viennese waltzing their way to victory. What does it really take to win the show though? WhichBingo have got all nostalgic, looking back at the winners of the past 12 seasons to see how many points they scored, their best and worst dances, and how often they were in the bottom two, to reveal what this season’s contestants need to do to win! So now it’ll be easier for you to know who to accidentally on purpose pick in the office sweepstake

Strictly Come Dancing 2015

It looks like over the years the judges have become increasingly generous with giving contestants perfect 10 out of 10 scores, or perhaps the celebs are just getting better at mastering fancy footwork! If the famous foxtrotter you’ve got your money on ends up in the bottom two you might be in trouble – only four of the 12 previous winners have found themselves there!

Strictly Come Dancing is back!

The Argentine tango has been the highest scoring dance over the last 12 years, followed closely by the Viennese waltz, so this is where you want your celeb to pull in some easy points. The cha-cha-cha and waltz are, according to the statistics, the dances most likely to leave dancers with low scores. You better hope your celebrity is already taking time out to practice those ones then!

Strictly Come Dancing 2015

With a vested interest in one of the celebrity contestants, will you be one of the millions of viewers tuning in to watch Strictly Come Dancing this year?

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