We’re Having a Giveaway: Open the Door to Your Dream Home!

We’re Having a Giveaway: Open the Door to Your Dream Home!

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Today hasn’t quite gone to plan. Your boss wasn’t on board with the presentation you made this morning, your new shoes gave you blisters, and you hit rush hour and had to stand on the train. All you want now is just to get home, slip your key in to the lock, and open the door to your beautifully furnished dream home. You know, the one that sits atop a mountain, floor to ceiling windows looking out on a glorious coastline …yes, that is indeed the dream, isn’t it?

It’s the little details that make a house a home sweet home. So, what colour would lift your mood as you spot it from down the road?

From antique white to champagne, cream is the colour of luxury, perfect for a dream home that boasts period features. Grey is sophisticated, allowing the surrounding architecture to shine. Match classic gold hardware with royal blue for regal sophistication, or a lighter shade if you long for a vintage seaside retreat. A red door is a bold style statement, setting the tone for adventurous interior design once inside.

Don’t just stop at the door colour. Lose yourself in fantasy: this is your dream home and you have ultimate control over every tiny detail. Don’t keep your visions locked up in a little box in your brain, let them loose on a laptop screen. Yale Door’s door designer lets you build and visualise every feature from style to glass, to security chains, numerals and handles.

And now you can WIN THIS….!

Yale Door Competition

For your chance to win a fully fitted composite front door courtesy of Yale Door, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild: tweet us at @urcoffeebreak with the hashtag #magichome and describe your dream house in 140 characters or less! Don’t forget to tag @YaleDoor in your tweet.

Yale Door competition

YES, it’s really that simple!

You never know, if you’re our chosen winner you could be opening the door to your dream home sooner than you thought.

The winner will be announced here and across our social media accounts on Wednesday, September 16! Good luck!

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