Awesome Technology to Help the Time-Starved Business Traveller

Awesome technology to help the time-starved business traveller

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Way too often we end up having to take an unexpected last minute business trip. While we love to see the world and further our careers all at the same time (well, we women do know how to multitask, right?), it can be super stressful knowing that the travelling is eating in to time we really can’t afford not to be working. Not only that, it’s killer for our healthy eating habits – great quality grab-n-go airport food can seem hard to come by. It’s good to know then that there’s technology out there that’s dedicated to making our travel time a little more efficient, our bellies a little more happy and our lives just a little easier …so you have time to reply to that final email before you have to grab your case and leave the house!

1. Check in online

Most airlines will allow you to check in 24 hours before you fly via the internet or a mobile app. Gone are the days of having to get to the airport two hours before your flight’s due to leave in order to check in. That’s two more hours to prep for the meeting you’ll be attending once you land!

2. Use an on-demand taxi service

Don’t play into the cliché of the sad girl standing on the corner, surrounded by luggage, trying desperately to hail a taxi. It’s a waste of time! Use on-demand ride services like Uber or Lyft to get to the airport quicker. Plus, paying via an app will also save time you might have had to spend oh-so-politely asking the driver if you could possibly stop at a cash machine on the way.

3. Check Google for flight updates

As a general rule, the Internet is faster than the airport flight board. Enter your flight number in to Google and refresh every now and again to get the latest updates on your flight before anyone else. Don’t spend precious time injuring your neck staring up at the board until it flicks over to the page you need!

4. Pre-order your airport food

Given your manic schedule, it’s vitally important to keep energy levels up. What you don’t want to do, however, is waste even more energy walking miles across the airport lounge trying to decide what food you feel like eating. You do not want to queue either – please, you have far more important things to do with your time. Pre-ordering food through the Airdo app will save you time when you already feel starved of it, and will stop your stomach from starving on the plane too! Simply enter your flight number for a carefully curated list of food joints. Airdo will serve you options that are on the way to your gate (how convenient is that?!) so no time-wasting detours. The best part is, you can also select a time for pick up, pay via phone with your credit card and totally skip to the front of the line to get your food. Is this what it feels like to be a Taylor Swift-style VIP?

5. Work at the airport

Tucking in to your favourite American or Asian, sweet or savoury, gourmet or organic meal, find a quiet corner to plug in to a power source and see to any final bits of work. If you’re stressing that this impromptu trip is eating in to the working day you had planned, make sure you have everything you might need to carry on working remotely at the airport, like cloud storage or a USB stick, a Mi-Fi device for guaranteed internet access, and a power cable!

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Aleksandra Tarabic

Aleksandra Tarabic is a dreamer living between Toronto and Belgrade. A girl in the tech industry, a lover of online marketing and writing, she feels most at home when hopping around the globe with her laptop. She firmly lives by a lesson taught by an old lady on the street: "the only penny well spent is the penny spent on travel." Intrigued by how the world is becoming smaller and smaller with the development of technology, her dream is to prove that distance is nothing but a state of mind.

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