Outdoor Restaurants for Al Fresco Eating in London

Outdoor restaurants for al fresco eating in London

Al fresco eating in the great outdoors is one of the biggest joys of the warm weather season. There is nothing better than rolling up your sleeves, kicking back and relaxing whilst enjoying scrumptious food with good company amidst a picturesque outdoor setting, wouldn’t you agree?

Here at YCB, our favourite times invariably occur in Summer and usually involve a BBQ in the park, or treating ourselves to some seriously delicious al fresco grub in the sunshine (or shade).

A recent survey by VouchaCodes researched the best outdoor restaurants in London and we naturally had to take their recommendations on board and check out their top picks. Here’s our verdict on the best al fresco restaurants London has to offer this summer:


Beagle is a chic restaurant located in east London and undoubtedly one of the best places for getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the capital city. Stock up on some much needed vitamin B while slurping on an exotic drink or iced coffee at their cocktail bar and café.

The eating experience is made even better by the diverse menu. The menu changes daily so you could easily visit Beagle multiple times! The best thing about the restaurant is surprisingly the martini. Period. You just have to try it to believe it!

Vintage Salt

If you are doing your summer shopping on Oxford Street then Vintage Salt is a great place for a short breather. The roof terrace on Selfridges is a cool place to enjoy a dose of calm in central London.

Although the cocktails at the Vintage Salt are definitely worth a try, the menu is equally impressive. The oysters…Stunningly delicious!

The Modern Pantry

The Clerkenwell-based restaurant is located in a Grade II-listed Georgian building so it comes without saying that the surroundings for this al fresco eatery experience couldn’t be more stunning. The Modern Pantry’s spacious area allows you to find a prime spot to watch the to-ing and fro-ing of this trendy neighbourhood.

With affordable prices your bank balance will not take a massive hit and your tummy will feel the better for their appetising dishes. Our definite favourite was the signature dish of sugar-cured prawn omelette bursting with glorious spices.

Grain Store

The Grain Store unfortunately suffers a bit from the current regeneration building works of the Kings Cross station, but this is a stunning location for outdoor eating. Despite the heightened noise of the surroundings; the restaurant’s menu is worth experiencing.

You won’t want to miss the tapioca caviar or the refreshing sweet potato Bellini. The Grain Store is a restaurant worth visiting if you are hosting a special occassion – the atmosphere is upbeat and the food is yummy!


Last yet not least, Dishroom is the hidden gem from the Voucha Codes’ survey. The relaxed atmosphere of the indoor-outdoor courtyard is a well-kept secret in Shoreditch. It’s a lovely Indian styled restaurant, perfect for raising your heat threshold on a Summer dining experience.

You can’t go wrong with the Lamb Raan Bun – it’s the perfect combination of Lamb spiciness of and soft sourdough. To accompany this mouth watering dish, we recommend a glass of Chaijito!

The above restaurants were mentioned in the Vouchacodes.co.uk survey – our test-drive of their recommended al fresco restaurant list, supports the featured conclusion that the surveys participants reached.

Do you have a favourite outdoor restaurant in London? Let us know!

Josefin Johansson

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