We Have an Alert for Every Girl Who Can’t Survive with Only 8 Pairs of Shoes

We have an alert for every girl who can’t survive with only 8 pairs of shoes


How much do you love shoes? Would you consider yourself a shoe-holic? ‘Imelda Marcos, widow of a former Philippines president, is known mostly for her over-thousands shoe collection. I think the signs in her case could have been spotted a lot earlier …but who are we to judge?!’

Who are we to judge indeed? This is Oliver Cross, founder of new shoe swapping app Skwag, and he gets shoe addicts. ‘I knew someone who was living in a small apartment and ended up using her oven due to lack of space!’ he tells us.

Trust us, we get it, you can’t bear the thought of throwing your shoes away, but you also need space for new ones. Apart from renting a bigger apartment, which, let’s face it, isn’t at all realistic, you’ve got one option: swap your shoes! The revolutionary new iPhone app Skwag  allows us shoe-holics to join a community of fellow shoe enthusiasts and swap their beloved shoes for a different pair. Genius, just genius!

Now we know the idea of giving up your Steve Madden wedges is heart wrenching, but Oliver reminds us ‘you’re not getting rid of a pair of shoes, you’re preparing to own a new one!’ Plus, as a fellow footwear fanatic, your swapping partner will likely be feeling the same way, so utilise the Skwag chat feature! It gives you the chance to bond beforehand, so you can feel confident your shoes will be going to a good home.

So how does Skwag actually work? Trust us, the sheer simplicity of it will have you walking in someone else’s shoes in no time (we dare you!). As registration is done through Facebook, there’s no hassle of having to fill in a lengthy form. Once logged in, users simply photograph the shoes they want to swap and upload them along with a personal description to their shoe collection.

With the admin out of the way, the real fun can begin. Users can browse through an entire marketplace of shoe collections to find the pair of shoes they love. By giving that pair of shoes a thumbs up, the app alerts the owner of their interest. Should the owner like a pair of the others’ shoes, this cool new app is able to connect the two users to arrange a swap. The added benefit of localised search results allows users to arrange swaps in person. Who knows, you could even make a new friend who shares your fondness of footwear!

We wondered if we should be swapping shoes that probably cost around the same amount in the first place, but Oliver is quick to remind us that you can’t put a price on an emotional attachment. ‘I’m sure some users will aim to swap shoes of a similar price range or quality, where others will be just happy to swap for something they don’t already have’, but, he points out, ‘either is great as they can now give a whole new value to what they receive, be it completing a new outfit with an expensive pair or finding one of those styles they have always wanted to own!’

‘Love for shoes is hard to define… it can be long lasting or just a fling. I would hope for it to be long term, but should it not work out for the best, Skwag is just a click away for them to swap again whenever they feel it’s time’. So, whether you’re in it for a good time or a long time, jump in with both feet and download Skwag to pair yourself with your perfect match!

Skwag is available now as a free-to-download iOS app from the Apple store! For the latest news, connect with Skwag on FacebookTwitter or on their official website.

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