Staying In Is The New Going Out

Staying in is the new going out


It has, as always, been a busy week. It’s been hectic and it’s been demanding; all you want now is to unwind, relax, let your hair down, de-stress. A bit of retail therapy? An overnight stay at a spa? A night out with the girls, perhaps? You’ve got to be joking! Splashing all that unnecessary cash will add to your stress not calm it! According to My Voucher Codes, more and more of us are choosing to save money by creating our own (cheaper!) nights out by staying in.

Box sets are the new cinema trip

According to 42.19% of women, staying in to watch a box set or a movie is their relaxation method of choice after a taxing day. Given cosying up in comfy clothes also plays a big part in how peaceful we feel of an evening, we’d have to agree with all those women – after all, you can’t go to the cinema in your PJs! Well, you could, you just might be asked not to go back.

Bubble baths are the new spas

The stats speak for themselves: only 7.82% of women say a spa getaway is their ultimate form of relaxation, whilst 29.84% reckon a luxurious bath is the best way to unwind. Selflessly (ahem!) set your housemate up on a blind date to get her out of the house for the evening, light a few scented candles and don’t hold back on the bubbles!

Cycling and walking are the new trendy gym classes

We love an innovative fitness fad as much as the next person, but the cost of staying on top of the wackiest workouts can stack up. We’d just paid for our barre class membership when Punk Rope became the new thing. What’s a girl to do?! The countryside, however, is free! 28.84% of men and 18.83% of women told Voucher Codes that they find the best way to unwind is to walk or cycle. Plus, a bit of fresh air is good for the mind and the body!

Headphones are the new gigs

For men especially, listening to music comes out as the number one way to unwind after a long day or busy week. Why leave the house, spend money, get crushed against sweaty strangers and stress about missing the last train home when you can have a private gig (ish!) in the comfort of your own bedroom, your favourite artist singing directly to you through your headphones?

Family and pets are the new cocktail nights

For 35.34% of women and 24.42% of men, spending time with family and pets is the ultimate de-stresser. It makes sense: your family are the people who know you best, how to make you laugh and forget about work trouble even just for the day. Family get togethers also often include dad’s BBQ and mum’s homemade cakes, and free food is never going to go amiss in making us feel happier! Make sure everyone brings their pets too because stroking animals is hugely therapeutic – there’s merit yet in being the crazy cat lady next door!

Anouszka Tate

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