What Car Matches Your Profession?

What car matches your profession?

what car matches your profession?

A choice that city girls may face every day is whether to walk to work, hop on the tube or hail a taxi. The decision can often be swayed one way or the other by frivolous internal discussions: ‘I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday so I suppose I should at least walk today’, or ‘my gosh these stilettos are fabulous, I better call a taxi so the poor things don’t have to endure the wet pavement’, etc. Except if sometimes you have to travel further afield, want to make more of an entrance, or just need a more practical mode of transport. With this in mind, a car bestows a huge amount of independence on its owner, but given it’s a potentially pricey investment it’s important to make sure you pick the car to suit your personality and profession.

The magazine editor needs to demand respect.

As the editor of a magazine you’re the head of the organisation, the leader of an army of people who all look to you for guidance and are no doubt in awe of your success. The Mercedes S-Class Guard has recently been announced as their toughest model yet. Hailed as the car for future prime ministers and presidents thanks to its bullet-proof armour, this is the car you need to gracefully step out of each morning in killer heels to make you feel like you can take on the world. If you decide to invest in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, be sure to schedule a regular Mercedes-Benz B Service to maintain the vehicle.

The sales and marketing manager needs to go the distance.

Working in sales you’ll need the right car for travelling. By this we mean that you’ll need to be satisfied both professionally and personally. Enter the BMW 3-Series, favoured by sales people. Nowadays products sold are either small enough to fit in a briefcase or are shown to potential customers in a catalogue, thus a saleswoman’s car doesn’t necessarily need to be huge. What is important is fuel efficiency; you don’t need us to tell you that travelling to as many customers as possible for the least amount of money makes good business sense. On a personal level, the 3-Series is seriously fun to drive and is relaxing over long distances thanks to its adaptive suspension – this BMW was made for turning up the radio and having a good sing-along. Potentially most importantly, you will look great in this car. It might seem shallow but driving a flashy car instils confidence, which’ll help with further sales. Should you decide to buy a BMW, better schedule a regular maintenance with a BMW auto specialist.

The PR girl needs cute and playful.

Known in the industry for being fun and full of life, any PR girl worth her salt needs a car to match. The Fiat 500 comes in an array of painfully cute pastel colours. We wouldn’t put it past you to want to start accessorising to coordinate with your car, it’s that good looking. Cheap to run, they’re perfect for all those short journeys, nipping around the city to drop off and collect samples before a coffee meeting and then on to that evening soiree. Plus it’s small enough to park easily(ish) on those congested urban roads.

The wedding planner needs a luxury symbol.

As a wedding planner you have to spend money to earn money. You have to be known for finding the best of the best for your clients, and as a result, it is best to hire 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan Chauffeur Services. Given the bride arriving with her father has become such an iconic image, the car itself becomes an extremely important symbol for photos (both official and the selfies impressed guests will take with it later on). And if the bride and groom are worried about splashing too much cash…? You can always suggest second hand  – vintage is all the rage!

The business owner needs practicality over style.

Proud owner of a new start-up business? Make sure you’ve considered both cost and ease of transportation in your early decision making process. Maybe not the most glamorous option, but you can’t go wrong with a Ford Transit van – although there are plenty of other manufacturers out there also making work vans, the Transit is still the firm favourite. Specifically designed to meet certain needs, they have a high level of security, a huge amount of space and several access points for quick and easy unloading. Larger vehicles also allow more illustrative designs to advertise the business. Now we don’t want to tell you how to run your company, but that’d allow further market penetration and recognition for the brand, as well as a very handy chance to turn a potentially Tiresome Transit in to a Fabulous Ford.

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