Chelsea Personal Training: Your New Beach Body Is Only A Click Away

Chelsea Personal Training: Your new beach body is only a click away!

Chelsea Personal Training

Summer is flying by faster than a little blue bird and over here we are doing our best to make the most of the gorgeous weather whilst meeting client deadlines and publishing dates. Although it might be hard to break away from our hectic life in the city, the warmer season inevitably means making time for summer fun, and enjoying a holiday free from hang-ups and inhibitions makes us want to achieve, or at least attempt to achieve, a fit and healthy body. But maybe we’re all putting a little bit too much emphasis on the destination (St Barths, perhaps?), rather than the journey. The journey to a perfect beach body can be just as rewarding as the result, especially during the warmer summer months. It’s about time we kick off the summer months with a healthy dose of physical activity!

Agi Rajna, founder of Chelsea Personal TrainingIt comes without saying that summer days are meant to be enjoyed in the sunshine and now its a perfect time to swap the monotonous whirring sounds inside the gym for the dulcet chirps of little birds outside in the park. By taking your workout outside Agi Rajna, founder of Chelsea Personal Training, will quite literally breathe fresh air and new life into your exercise regime, and in turn your body and mind.

Agi is convinced that London is one of the best cities in the world for the health and fitness industry so wanting to get in on the action, Agi left the corporate world of HR in 2009 and set up Chelsea Personal Training. And the best thing about the city that is London? The amazing parks! Agi explains that fresh air, green grass, and barking dogs are unparalleled in aiding the mental and physical well-being of her clients during a sweat session. And indeed, Agi strives not only towards changes in body, but changes in mind too. With a BSc in psychology the fitness-guru is particularly aware of the intimate relationship between the two, revealing that her favourite part of the job is sharing in a client’s immense sense of achievement after performing five more push ups than the previous week.

This personal connection with clients is important to each one of her training sessions, something this personal trainer prides herself on. A typical workout always starts with a warm up, followed by strength training, cardio, and plyometrics, and finishes with core strength exercises and stretching. But all sessions are absolutely tailored to the client’s fitness level and desired result, whether that be to lose body fat, be able to complete a specific running event, or just to get outside and get their body moving!

Chelsea Personal Training

Unlike many other personal training services, CPT doesn’t indulge faddy diets, protein shakes or any other supplements, believing instead that the right nutritious wholefoods are more than enough to give you the energy to enjoy your life. When it comes to eating healthy and working out, Agi likes to start her day with a delicious breakfast; a carb-rich porridge with blueberries and raspberries, and she is adamant that us professional women need to move away from a skewed approach to food, away from what would have us cutting out carbs and replacing breakfast with powders.

Agi understands that life can sometimes get in the way of training, and that sometimes working out can feel like yet another chore on your already long to-do list, but no matter your schedule you should create a healthy routine around your job. Squeezing in a training session in the morning before work or going out for a power walk and a bit of fresh air during your lunch break, Agi will be giving you the physical and mental strength to enjoy your busy day. Make this the summer you enjoy the journey towards your best ever body, only a click away!

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