Close Up & Personal With Caggie Dunlop Over A Mani-Pedi (This Included Champagne Too…)

Close up & personal with Caggie Dunlop over a mani-pedi (this included champagne too…)

Caggie Dunlop - Neverland

When it comes to E4’s reality-show ‘Made in Chelsea’, we would lie if we didn’t say that we miss Caggie. Agree? (We’re sure Spencer Matthews would!) You all remember her in the first scene of the show; stepping into a silver sleek Rolls Royce, the detailed shot of her Gucci handbag, glamorous fur coat and then her infamous line, “Take me to Chelsea, please.” She was instantly portrayed as the London elite but when meeting the 24-year-old for a mani/pedi on High Street Kensington in London earlier this week, we immediately fell in love with her personality as she told us how angry she was with the producer for not letting her take her bike in the first scene.

caggie mille and rosieCaggie Dunlop’s career path has changed a lot since her ‘Made in Chelsea’ days. You’ve probably seen and heard her first music video, “Neverland”, right? And when we met her at Adamina Spa this Wednesday for a pampering session (and some well-deserved champagne) we couldn’t wait to catch up with the beauty and ask her a few questions about her new album.

The reality TV starlet turned singer arrived smiling and full of energy, wearing a pair of ripped Zara jeans, a basic grey tee, flip flops and a pink sweatshirt wrapped around her waist. All about the ‘real look’, with no makeup and tousled hair, we were surprised at how laid-back Caggie really was. Expecting her to walk in late in a well priced blowout and covered head-to-toe in the latest fashion trends, she arrived right on time looking like she just stepped off the plane from Sydney with an envious tan! Not afraid to get up close and personal, she is the embodiment of the girl next door and reminds you of your best friend growing up. An authentic ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy fanatic as well as a lover of all things Leonardo DiCaprio (just like us!), with an intense fear of rats, Caggie Dunlop is as real as they come!

Caggie Dunlop and Charlotte Giver, YCB Editor

I can’t live without Ryan Gosling or Macklemore’s music! I’m also obsessed with True Blood. I watched Season 6 in two days. I want Alexander Skarsgard to kidnap me. I think he’s the sexiest man on TV,” she laughed, while ditching the wine for a glass for sparkling water. We suppose all women are the same when it comes down to celebrity crushes!

There’s no arguing that this brown-eyed girl has had a busy year. From recording her new album in the studios of Sydney alongside meeting her musically talented boyfriend Nicky Van as well as doing gig performances for Hugo Boss – all whilst enjoying a buzzing social life in Australia – it’s no wonder Caggie Dunlop is in love with the country. But she has to give some credits to the Made in Chelsea producers, who kick-started her career in the recording studio!

Caggie Dunlop performing The [MiC] producers asked me what my hobbies were and I told them I like to sing. They suggested that I sang in the first episode and that was my first ever-singing performance,” explains Caggie. “Honestly, I’ve never been so nervous in my life. The show and my singing career merged together, and I got attention from that. It was unintentional and I started writing after that, and it felt a lot more honest.

Steering away from the producers’ pre-planned drama and avoiding the parody of reality TV today, Caggie opted for a new path and set goals for herself in the music industry. She’s been working on her first album since she left the show, and told Your Coffee Break that all the songs will continue to be written by her.

Teaming up with Samsung’s media crew and combining her all-natural look, love of Australia’s beaches and Samsung’s ‘White Glove Party’, the music video was a YouTube and SoundCloud viral hit! With personal perspective versus a professional standpoint, “Neverland” was the ultimate sneak peak for her excited loyal fans of what’s in store for her upcoming album.

Caggie Dunlop NeverlandWhen asked about the song choice, Caggie told us, “It’s basically a representation of my time in Australia and what that place has on me. It’s not really my first single, it’s more of a gift to show what I’m doing and a taste of what’s to come. It’s essentially a poem, structured unconventionally. It’s the first song I wrote in Australia, like a page from a diary.” Caggie’s first album’s release date is rumoured sometime next year and characterized by Caggie as “Lykke Li’s edgy sound, but dipped in candy floss.”

Her first hit song and video have met an interesting mix of criticism in the UK andcaggie and mille worldwide. “The UK press is very unforgiving and they want you to stick to what you do and not branch out into other industries,” Caggie explained. Here at Your Coffee Break we couldn’t disagree more with the tough critics; “Neverland” is smooth and catchy, perfect for your summer playlist and personifies Caggie’s genuine personality and talent. Her MiC and childhood friends, including Millie Mackintosh, Jamie Laing and Andy Jordan, endorsed and shared her video on their twitter accounts.

Staying on top of her tweets, Your Coffee Break has noticed that this lady is an avid traveller and we are excited (and a little bit jealous) to see how she travels back and forth, recording in both Sydney and London’s studios.

I have the most amazing agent out in Australia and I’ve met great people out there. I’ve built a nice life for me out there, but there’s more opportunity in London,” the former Made in Chelsea star tells YCB “It’s good to be back. If I stayed in Australia, I would stay there forever. I want to raise a family there someday.

ISWAI Caggie Dunlop

However, despite the craziness and frequent flier miles, she keeps her days as stress-free and as normal as possible. Caggie explained that she is a one-coffee-a-day early bird, starting her day off with an organic run along the River Thames. After a shower and breakfast, she spends a session in the recording studio and after her lunch break, she either takes the tube (yes, she actually takes the tube!) to a singing or acting lesson or to the ISWAI office for meetings. Her friends, family, Australian boyfriend, meditation and exercise also play a key role in keeping her grounded. Without a strict schedule, Caggie is fortunate to have a pretty normal life as a 24-year-old celeb! If you also desire to be a great actor or actress, be sure to check out this site web to find the right acting schools for you.

As a traveler at heart, we know this gal won’t be in London for long! With exciting plans and trips in the near future, we were thrilled to hear that she’s heading to Los Angeles with her handsome beau for a week and then off for a mini break in France to visit her dad in the fall. Something tells us that this is only the beginning of bigger adventures.

With a bittersweet goodbye and a few photos taken, we left the spa feeling fresh and fabulous! We quoted Caggie before leaving that this was “best manicure [she] has ever had!”

Check out the “Neverland” music video here: 

Sidenote: ISWAI will be opening its first pop-up shop in London next month, which will feature a live music performance by her of course! Will we be seeing you there?

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